1st Class

This week we had Junior Achievement Ireland in to do some fun activities with 1st class on Monday. We looked at floating and sinking in science and played unihoc in PE. We did some sketching outside for Art and made pancakes on Friday to finish off our work on procedural writing.

1st class at Castletown House, working on our projects, ‘lap and chat’ with Junior Infants and making fruit smoothies to go with our procedural writing in English.

Look at all the maths activities we have been doing in 1st class recently. We really enjoyed learning about capacity, data and estimation. We have also been working on our football skills in PE 😊

Look at what we have been up to in 1st class with Ms. Sanders over the past 2 weeks 😊

1st class are delighted to be back in school after the Christmas holidays.
We have been working on tens and units up to 100 in maths. We made clay turtles in art and painted them lots of lovely colours. We have been learning about light in science and investigated materials with torches to see whether they were transparent, translucent or opaque.
1st class are really enjoying practising their football skills in PE. We also came up with lots of interesting adjectives to describe ourselves in English 😊

Over the past 2 weeks we have been very busy in 1st class. We have been working on our throwing and catching skills in PE. We have learned the chest and bounce pass with a ball. We have started our Christmas art too! 🎄 We decorated Christmas jumpers using cut outs from old Christmas cards and we made snowmen using white socks and rice. Aren’t they cute? ⛄️

We had a busy week in 1st class. In history, we looked at and played some games from the past including hopscotch, marbles and tip the can (which has become a firm class favourite). We practised counting and sequencing numbers to 30 and spent some quality outdoor time with our buddies in 4th class.

Take a look at what 1st class have been up to recently. On the run up to Halloween, we made Halloween safety posters. We carved pumpkins and made chocolate rice crispy buns. We played Halloween games on the iPads. We made bats and 3D pumpkins in art. We also got to spend some time with our buddies, making jigsaws and doing PE outside with them. 🎃👻

‘Maths Week’ fun in 1st Class.

This week in 1st class we were practicing our throwing and catching skills using beanbags in PE. For art, we mixed primary colours together to make secondary colours and painted a colour wheel umbrella. We also used warm and cool colours to paint autumn leaves. 1st class have been working hard on problem solving in maths. We drew maps of the classroom in geography using a ‘birds eye view’ and we used our golden time on Friday to play some games on the iPads 😊

1st Class had a very busy week. We had great fun playing train station in PE. We made 3D line art using coloured strips of paper. We met our new 4th class buddies on Friday afternoon. We surprised them with cards. 😊

Have a look at what 1st class have been up to this week. 😊