2nd Class

2nd class went on a nature walk on Tuesday. They observed many things about Autumn, especially the deciduous trees. They also learned about the animals they might see, for example a badger and a fox. They worked in pairs and each person had to do a bark and leaf rubbing. After this, they had to cut out a section of their rubbings and stick it into their book. They seemed to really enjoy it!

2nd class really enjoyed a science lesson about gravity and forces. The worked in pairs to make a small and big paper helicopter. They had to ‘fly’ this from a height and see how they fell. Then they added different amounts of paper clips to the end of the ‘helicopters’ and looked at what happened.

2nd class have been very busy and having lots of fun learning about different objects that were made up of different materials. They learned about rubber, brick, cement, wood, steel, plastic, paper and fabrics. They worked in groups to name and draw these things.