3rd Class

School tour fun😃

Third class have had a very busy week. As it is Friendship Week, we reminded ourselves of the qualities of friendship. We discussed qualities such as being helpful and thoughtful, sharing our feelings, being kind to one another and including everyone in our games and activities. We formed groups and created sketches during drama based on the theme of friendship. Our class visited Rev. Colin and Rev. Natasha in St.Brigid’s Church earlier this week. We shared what we learned at assembly and each pupil presented a fact about the church to the rest of the school. As it is Friendship week, we included a prayer that people of all faiths across the world could be friends. We participated in a ‘Lap and a Chat’ event today. Each child buddied up with a child from fifth class and chatted together as we walked around Castleknock.

Have a lovely weekend.

Ms. O’Brien

Tessellating Shapes

We welcomed parents of 3rd class pupils into the Hub on Tuesday to see all of our wonderful project work! We had a great time showing our projects to our buddies from 2nd class. They were very impressed! We are working on shapes at present. We are designing posters of  2 D shape patterns that tessellate for our artwork and we look forward to sharing the finished product with you next week. A reminder that next week is Active Week and to please wear runners/suitable footwear each day. 

Have a lovely weekend!


We have had a very busy few weeks in 3rd class. We have completed the Junior Achiever Programme. We made harmonicas with Ms. Shannon. We look forward to learning Spanish in the new term. Well done boys and girls for all of your hard work. E of the children have been awarded a certificate and have received the title STEPS Young Engineer in the STEPS Young Engineers Award 2022. Congratulations boys and girls and well done on all of your innovative project work!

Enjoy the break.

Happy Easter!

From Ms. O’Brien

Lots of fun activities in 3rd class!

Planting salad leaves with Ms. Shannon.

There was great excitement in the Hub on Tuesday as third class showcased their playground projects to their parents. The pupils presented their projects to their buddies in second class. We started the Junior Achievement programme this week. We met Mr. Smith and had great fun learning a new song about the environment called Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! We will be starting cricket on Monday 6th. Please ensure your child is wearing suitable footwear i.e. runners.

Have a great weekend.

Ms. O’Brien

Third class did a fantastic job at assembly this morning. They each contributed to the story of St.Brigid and displayed their art work for all of the school to admire. Well done! You did a great job!

Have a lovely weekend. See you all on Tuesday!


Third class have been very busy working on their projects about playground games. The pupils were asked to find out about games that their parents or grandparents used to play at school. Each group gathered their information and designed posters. They are now making models of their playground and games using Lego and cardboard. The pupils presented their information to the rest of the class. They talked about old games and new games that they have invented themselves. We are going to make a class book of playground games. We thought about how we could introduce some of these games to our playground in school. We look forward to sharing our ideas and project work with our buddies. Ms. Furney came up with the great idea of using playing cards as a social and interactive game during break time. This has been a great hit! We will be introducing different ideas and games over the coming weeks.

The pupils made lovely clays figures/objects and painted them. They are enjoying using Bee-Bots. This is  part of STEM and it is a fun and interactive way of using directional language and basic programming skills.

Have a lovely weekend.

Ms. O’Brien

Welcome back everybody and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break. Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity – it really was too much! Much appreciated.

We have made posters to mark the feast of the Epiphany. We have lots to look forward to in our new term and will be starting our Weaving Wellbeing programme next week. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Ms. O’Brien

Third class has had a very busy week.  The pupils had a fantastic day at the Olympic Handball Blitz. Thanks to Mr. Whitehead, Ida and all of the parents who provided lifts – much appreciated! 

The pupils had great fun at the Wooly farm yesterday. You can see a video uploaded on noticeboard section of website.

The engineering project booklets have been submitted and posted. The children have worked very hard on their projects and each team completed booklets detailing the steps involved in making their prototype, describing the function and benefit to the community.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy 2023!

Ms. O’Brien

Team: The Bubble Builders Project name: Simon

Team: King’s Fun Club Project name: The Delivery Rocket

Team: The Best Big Ideas. Project name: Mini Wheels

Team: The Taco Team Project name: Leo the Robot

Team: The Glitter Girls Project name: The Light Bin

We had a visit from an engineer to our class. Laura gave a very informative presentation about her role as a mechanical engineer. She discussed the important skills that are involved in engineering such as being creative and working in a team. Laura said that she was very impressed with all of the projects and how creative the pupils were with their designs and presentations. Each pupil contributed to the presentation, providing information and answering questions about their projects. I was very proud of all of the pupils! 

Well done 3rd class!

Have a great weekend!


Great fun in 3rd class during Science Week!

Third class have enjoyed learning about Space.  The whole class worked together to make a Space Exploration Timeline highlighting important facts and historic moments.

The pupils are very busy working in their teams planning and preparing their projects for the STEPS Young Engineer Award. We look forward to welcoming an engineer to our class at the end of this month who will speak to us about her job and the progress we have made in our projects. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Ms. O’Brien

Third class had a very busy week.  The pupils enjoyed making a Halloween Monster Magazine describing lots of creative monsters and their traits.

We had great fun making Halloween art with our buddies in second class. We worked together to make spooky houses.

Third class designed ‘Crazy Hair’ art. Do you like it?

Well done to all of the pupils in third class for their hard work since September.  Enjoy the midterm break!

Happy Halloween!


Third class had a very exciting time visiting the Phoenix Park on National Tree Day. You can see our class and hear all about it on News2day on the RTE player.

Have a nice weekend.

Third class presented assembly this week. The theme of our assembly was Teamwork. Each child drew a picture representing what teamwork means to them and read out sentences about the importance of teamwork to the rest of the school. 

I’m delighted to say that we have lots of poets in Third class! We wrote a poem together about being in school and working together as a team. The title of the poem is ‘Our School Poem’. Ms. Maloney is so impressed that she said it will be framed and hung at the school entrance.

Have a lovely weekend.


Third class enjoyed using the IPads this week.  We are doing lots of creative activities in Third class. We are working on ‘Crazy Hair’ art using lots of different line patterns and material.  It is a work in progress at the moment. We cannot wait to show you the finished results next week! 

Have a lovely weekend.Ms.O’Brien

Third class visited the CNS Sensory Garden in our school grounds. We used our sense of smell, sight and touch to identify various herbs such as Rosemary, Mint, Thyme and Lemon Balm.  

The pupils are working on a project which they will present at Assembly at the end of this month. They are keeping it as a surprise! Watch this space! 

Enjoy your weekend. 

Ms. O’Brien

Third class have had a busy week. The pupils have formed a book club. When a pupil has finished reading a book, they will be encouraged to share their thoughts on the book. They will be asked to give a mark out of ten and whether they would recommend the book to others. The pupils have made their own booklet in which they will record the books that they have read over the course of the term. This will encourage pupils to have a positive attitude towards reading. Please ensure that your child has a book in their schoolbag for D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read). 

We were learning about facts regarding birds of Ireland this week and the pupils drew pictures and labelled them.  

We listened to the parable of The Good Samaritan and asked ourselves the question, ‘how can I be a Good Samaritan at home, in class and in the playground?’  

We finished our lovely flowers which have brightened up our classroom. We are painting autumnal scenes, capturing all the colours that we now see in parks and gardens. 

Have a lovely weekend. 

Ms. O’Brien

I was delighted to meet all of the lovely boys and girls in Third class on Tuesday. We spent time discussing classroom rules and any changes in routine now that we are in the senior end of the building. This brought us onto using the stairs and we made a list of important steps to remember when doing so.

The pupils have spent time learning all about Louis Braille. They wrote their names using a coding system. They wrote a fact file about Louis Braille and discussed how Louis achieved his goals with great determination.

Third class made their own “Getting To Know Me” book. Each child completed a worksheet about themselves and we have compiled a book which is on display in the classroom.

The children have been enjoying singing along with the flute, revising maths and Irish.  We are working on our art display and have started making flowers using crepe paper.

P.E will take place on Thursday.

Have a lovely weekend.