5th Class

Fun in 5th Class.

Fifth class had a lot of fun this week. We were very active for active week!On Tuesday, we did yoga with Fiona. On Thursday we did an orienteering activity with our buddies. It was so much fun! We did Zumba with Ms. Furney on Friday. We really enjoyed it. We even did some of our work standing up at our desks! Fifth class participated in lots of active brain breaks and did laps outside. We were very active.
We also started Spanish this week with Andrea. Ms. Caldbeck was blown away with all of the words and phrases Fifth class knew in Spanish. In Maths, we used Izak9 cubes and completed lots of different challenges and problems.
Well done Fifth Class!

Fifth class had a great trip to The Little Museum on Thursday. It was a fantastic day and they learnt lots about the history of Dublin.

Fifth class had a brilliant day out at an Irish Aid Workshop. They also completed their ‘scríobhleabhar’ Each group wrote an Irish story and created a book in Irish. The children worked very hard and the stories were amazing. Well done to everyone!

Fifth class have been working very hard. They have started the novel “Under the Hawthorn Tree”. In History Fifth class did a project in groups based on the famine. They spent time with their buddies making lanterns for Chinese New Year. In Irish fifth class have been practicing their sentence structure. Take a look at the photos of some of the different things that Fifth Class have been doing.

Christmas fun in fifth class! Wishing you all a very happy Christmas.

Fifth class have been learning all about the Aztecs. They created some Aztec pottery using clay last week and we painted our creations this week. Fifth Class earned extra art as a reward this week and did some weaving with paper plates. Check out the photos below. Well done Fifth Class!

Science Week Fun!

Fifth class had lots of fun dressing up and spending time with their buddies.

Maths Week fun in 5th Class.

Take a look at what fifth class have been up to. We have been working extremely hard on long division this week in Maths. We are have just finished our fifth week of the marathon. We have been doing lots of lovely artwork. We are working on our verbs in Irish. We learnt about the digestive system in Science. Ms. Caldbeck is delighted with all the amazing work that is happening in fifth class. Keep it up!

We have been busy over the past few weeks in Fifth Class. We met our buddies in senior infants today and had great fun reading to them and getting to know them.
We have also started the marathon kids programme and are just finished the second week. It is lots of fun!
In music, we have been learning about some of the songs by The Beatles and by Coldplay.
We have been creating different mimes in Drama.
We created self- portraits in art and some optical illusion artwork too.
We wrote letters about ourselves in Irish.
In English, we have been learning about different inventions.
Fifth Class are working very hard. Keep up the great work!

Fifth Class had a wonderful first week back! Check out the photos of what we have been up to.