6th Class

This week we were learning about all the different types of Caitheamh Aimsire in Gaeilge and capacity in Maths. We had great fun learning and experimenting with magnets. 6th Class did an amazing job at debating the motion ‘Homwork should be banned’. We were out working on the athletics strand getting ready for sports day in P. E. We started working on our readers theatre in drama and created paper weaves in art. Have a great weekend😃

6th Class had a great week. In English they worked together to create a three course menu for our ‘Come Dine with Me’ competition. The competition was fierce and the food was divine . This week was also ‘Friendship Week’, we had a great time setting up P.E. Stations for our buddies and then making friendship bracelets with them. On Friday we buddies up with fourth class and went on a lap and chat to raise money for childline. In science we learnt about sound and the human ear. We had fun experimenting with how sound travels. In maths we worked on finding coordinates and solving equations. We started working on our stay safe this week and discussed different feelings and situations that cause our feelings to change. The children then created an emoji for our emoji wall. To pfinish the week we learnt about the famous artist ‘Michelangelo’ and create pictures by drawing upside down.

6th class had great fun doing yoga with Fiona for Active Week.

6th Class we’re straight back to work this week. In English we debated the motion ‘Homework should be banned’. The children really enjoyed the outdoor adventure strand in P.E. this week. I nGaeilge bhíomar ag obair ar an gclog agus Clár ama. We continued to discuss timetables and transport in secondary school. In history we learnt about how the Irish economy has changed over time. In Maths we worked hard on calculating profit and loss. 6th class also hosted assembly on being thankful this week. It is great to be back together after the holidays, we are all looking forward to the last term together.

It’s hard to believe that we have come to the end of the second term. We have loved listening to pupils present their projects this week, the standard is incredible. This week 6th class learnt all about the circle in Maths, Easter in Religion and about the different subjects as Gaeilge. We painted our lovely Easter baskets and created handles. We are looking forward to tasting the goodies. We loved making chocolate Easter baskets with our buddies and we also created some beautiful art. We ended the week by learning about Easter around the world and had great fun running around the school trying to Bris an Cód. Cásca Shona Daoibh go Léir 🐣

This week 6th class learnt about Africa and were all given one country to research. We started our transition to secondary school programme. In English we were reading about awesome scenarios and wrote a blog about an awesome experience we have had. In art we began to papier-mâché our Easter bowls. In Maths we learnt about ratios and directed numbers. We really enjoyed judging the scríobh leabhar books we received from another school and created a reamháisnéis na haimsire. I hope you all have a lovely weekend😃

This week 6th class learnt about the different poetry techniques and studied the poem ‘Push and Pull’ by John Myers. In Maths we learnt all about area and worked on calculating the area and perimeter of regular and irregular shapes. In history we continued to learn about the Easter Rising and completed Mind maps in pairs. We really enjoyed setting up a pictiúrlann and created tickets for an scannán ‘An Cailín Ciúin’. We also created mini books as Gaeilge based on ‘An Aimsir’. On Wednesday we had our Lá Glas and our wonderful Ceolchoirm. Rang as sé is full of so many talented pupils. 6th class also helped their buddies with Mother’s Day art. 6th class finished the week by making beautiful cards for their mothers. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy Lá Fhéile Pádraig 🇮🇪

6th class have been very busy this week. This week was Seachtain na Gaeilge, 6th class entered a poetry competition, completed a word hunt with their buddies, read Irish big books to their buddies, went to a Céilí and finished the week with a Tráth na gCeist. In maths we were learning about all the different time zones. In English we started reading The Guns of Easter and are learning about The Easter Rising in History. I hope you all have a lovely weekend 😃

This week we had our final ‘Power of Design’ session with Ailbhe. The children had to create different ways to get to school. In Irish we have been working on the aimsir láithreach agus an aimsire. In Maths we started learning about distance, speed and time. We finished our posters on Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, each group then presented their poster to the class. In Science we learnt all about the eye and then recreated an eye using play dough. It was World Book Day on Thursday, we spent time in the hub reading to our buddies and then we created a new front cover for our favourite books. In Art this week we created seanfhocail posters for Seachtain na Gaeilge. Lean leis an obair iontach😃

6th class had a fun packed week. On Monday we went on a trip to Blanchardstown library to attend a cyber safety workshop with Aoife. We learnt how to keep safe online and what to do if we are ever cyber bullied. We had our lunch and a Krispy Kreme Donoughnut before heading back to school. On Tuesday it was Máirt na hInide, the PA arranged for us to have delicious pancóga in class. We then wrote recipes for pancóga as Gaeilge, we finished our Scríobh Leabhar and started working on our Féilirí for 2023. We had mini basketball matches in PE this week. In science we learnt about light, mirrors and lenses. We had great fun carrying out experiments. We were also very lucky to start our Power of Design workshop with Ailbhe this week. In history we learnt about technology and the pioneers of technology. To finish the week we created beautiful fans in art. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend 😃

6th class had a very busy week getting ready for their official business launch today. They spent the week making orders and had a very successful launch today, we now have lots of new orders to make. In Irish we continued to work on our Scríobh Leabhar and completed an oral Irish test. We learnt all about Malawi and created a fact file poster in pairs. It was internet safety day on Tuesday, we learnt all about different types of cyber bullying. The pupils in 6th class came up with wonderful posters that are full of advice on how to stay safe online. Keep up the great work, I hope you all have a wonderful week off 😃

6th class finished off their superheroes on Monday. In drama this week, we learnt about the famous Irish actress, Saoirse Roman. We worked very hard on drafting our Irish stories based on a ‘Timpiste’ for the Scríobh Leabhar competition. In Maths we were working on dividing decimals by decimal numbers. In P.E. we continued to develop our basketball skills. On Thursday we were invited to tour the Dáil, this was a great experience, we got the opportunity to see the Dáil in session and Jack Chambers organised a treat in the bar after we finished our tour. We spent a lot of time working on our business this week and the orders are flying in. We finished the week by learning about Piet Mondrian and recreated some of his art. Have a great weekend 😃

6th class have had a great week. We started the week with our fantastic debate team going head to head with Scoil Mhuire GNS, unfortunately we lost the debate but they all did a fantastic job. We then learnt about the Chinese New Year, 2023 is the year of the rabbit. In Maths we have been learning about length and in Gaeilge we were looking at tithe in Éirinn fadó and working on our oral Irish. We have also been learning Amhrán na gcupán and Down to the river to pray as Gaeilge. In English we were reading about superheroes and then created our own superheroes in art. In P. E. we were developing our basketball skills and learning how to pass and dribble the ball. On Thursday we took the train to attend a ‘Fighting Words’ workshop, we worked together to create a collaborative story. Keep up the great work 😃

What a busy week we had in 6th Class. We started the week learning about Martin Luther King Junior. We then had our final cycling lesson, Don and Mike took the children out cycling around the local area. In art we continued to work on our rooms. In English we read and learnt about the sea and animals we find in the sea. The children then researched and wrote about one chosen animal. In Science we learnt about the different organs in the body. We had a great time writing and illustrating a story with our buddies. Well done, rang a sé😃

Athbhliain faoi Mhaise daoibh go léir. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. 6th class were straight back to work. We started the new term by setting ourselves new goals and resolutions. We have been working hard on developing our JEP products. The class have been split into five different teams: sales, marketing, production, finance and the communication teams. In Maths we have been working on number theory and decimals. I nGaeilge támar ag obair ar an téama sa bhaile. We are developing our oral language and we drew and wrote about our own house. In Geography we learnt all about lines of longitude and latitude and in History we learnt about Daniel O’Connell. We continued cycling with Don this week and in art we began working on our room diorama in pairs. To finish the week, 6th class presented a ‘Fresh Starts’ assembly to the school.

6th Class had a great week, they created Christmas art with their buddies, Wooly’s farm came to visit and we went to town to sing for ‘The Black Santa Appeal’. They are also working on writing drama scripts as Gaeilge. I can’t wait to see all their performances next week 🎄

We had our last cricket session this week. We also braved the cold on Wednesday morning and had our fourth cycling lesson. We spent a lot of time working on our nativity, 6th class rose to the task and we recorded it for the Carol service on Sunday. We spent time working on learning our carols with our buddies. In Gaeilge this week we started learning about clothes, they created fantastic advertisement about a sale in a shop. In maths we began to work on decimals. We really enjoyed learning about the heart in science and then the pupils created beautiful brochures, full of information about how we can keep our heart healthy. We were very lucky to finish the week with a fantastic anti-bullying workshop from ‘Sticks and Stones’.

6th class were learning all about Australia and the Aboriginal people this week. They are working on a project in pairs. In Religion we were learning about Advent and created beautiful Advent calendars. We also started working on our nativity play for the Carol Service on the 11th. I nGaeilge an seachtain seo bhíomar ag obair ar an aimsir láithreach, ár dteanga ó bhéal agus ár dtuisceana. The children were amazing at multiplying and dividing fractions this week in maths. We really enjoyed our third cycling lesson and choir this week. The children are loving making the kumihimo braids, some children are even onto their 3rd and 4th braid 😃. To finish the week we created beautiful paintings of baby Jesus and the North Star. I hope you all have a lovely weekend 😃

6th class had a very productive week. We started the week with a fantastic science show from Junior Einsteins. We had our first choir rehearsal on Tuesday and then got our lovely 6th class hoodies. We started Wednesday morning with a fun cycling lesson. On Thursday we faced the dragons and a business idea was picked. On Friday we had our second debate and drew against St. Attracta’s S.N.S. In Geography this week we learnt about rivers around the world. They all chose one river to research and then presented their facts to the class. We finished on Friday by learning how to Kumihimo braid. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the ‘Toy Show’😃

It was ‘Science Week’ this week so we started the week by experimenting to see if they could design a car that would move, using wind power. Our buddies then came up and we completed a fireworks in a jar experiment with them. We helped them write up the experiment. We worked hard on our JEP project this week, getting our ideas ready for Dragons. We also attended a zoom with the very successful entrepreneur ‘David Cronin’ who created two separate businesses at the same time. We were also very lucky to start the Energize programme with our lovely Junior Achievement volunteer, Shyam. We also had our first cycling lesson with Don this week, the children really enjoyed it. I nGaeilge támar ag obair ar an téama ‘Siopadóireacht’. Everyone created a lárionad siopadóireachta. In Maths we are getting very good at adding and subtracting fractions. On Friday, 6th class held a book and bake sale to fundraise for their JEP business. They did a great job 😃

6th class were straight back to work this week. We started the week with cricket and learning about all different types of Irish entrepreneurs. All the 6th class pupils researched and wrote about an entrepreneur of their choice. We looked at the skills an entrepreneur needs and then we divide into groups and started creating product ideas that will be brought before the dragons, we also came up with fundraising ideas to raise funds to help start our company. The children are really excited and full of wonderful ideas. In science this week we learnt all about wind and wind energy. The children made windmills and then tested where the best location for a windmill would be. In History we learnt all about Diwali and how it is celebrated. In art we then created beautiful Rangoli inspired hand designs and Diwali lanterns. On Friday our debate team went head to head with Inchicore N.S. to debate whether uniforms should be taken out of schools or not. The debate team did a fantastic job and won the debate. I am so incredibly proud. Maith Sibh 😃

On Monday 6th class enjoyed another cricket lesson with coach Brian. They learnt all about different feasts and festivals this week and researched one in detail. They continued to work on their spooky Halloween stories. We painted our lovely clay pumpkin pots and really enjoyed pumpkin art with our buddies on Friday. We had a great time at the 3D printing workshop and look forward to seeing our finish products. 6th class have been working hard and did amazing on all their assessment tests. They have finished their Irish projects and I am really looking forward to reading them all, over the midterm break. We learnt all about Halloween traditions and how to stay safe. Oíche Shamhna daoibh go léir, I hope you all have a lovely week off and I look forward to seeing you on the 8th 🎃 Have a look at the super costumes below 😃

6th Class were very lucky and got the opportunity to attend a 3D printing workshop in Blanchardstown library with a teacher called Kate today. 6th class learnt all about the software you need to develop 3D prints and got an insight into how the printing machines function. They then worked in pairs or threes to develop a prototype of a design they created together. Kate is going to print these for us and then we get to collect them. We can’t wait to see the finished products 😃

It was Maths Week this week, so on Tuesday 6th class participated in an online zoom quiz with over 500 different school. They were given very tricky maths problems but 6th class did a great job at solving them. They created Maths based board games and played them with their buddies on Friday. They also created acrostic poems about maths week and completed a maths trail. We also started cricket with Brian the cricket coach. In Gaeilge we worked on a lot of Grammar this week. In Science we completed a thermal energy experiment to investigate what material creates the best insulation layer. On Monday we had great fun carving pumpkins and then we created pumpkins out of clay. We will paint these next week. 6th class have been working on their first draft of their spooky Halloween story, I can’t wait to read them all. Ten lucky pupils from 6th class attended a lovely school service in Christ Church Cathedral on Thursday. It has been another busy week in 6th Class😃

6th class had a very busy week. They wrote and illustrated big books all about manners and read them to their buddies in Junior Infants. In English we were learning all about debating. The class were divided into teams and went head to head to debate the motion ‘Zoos should close because they are cruel places’. Four teams still have to debate on Monday and then six pupils will be chosen from the class to create the new CNS debate team who will participate in the ‘Concern Debating Competition’. I was blown away with how fantastic they all were, it will be a very difficult job having to whittle it down to six. In Irish we continued to work on our project. In Geography this week we learnt all about the Netherlands and the pupils then created an information poster full of facts about the Netherlands. In Maths we started learning all about lines and angles. In Art this week, as it was world animal day on Monday we created extension pictures based on different habitats. We also finished outlining our colour wheel eyes from last week. In P.E. we continue to train daily for the Marathon and we started skipping and participating in rely races as part of the athletics strand. Maith Sibh 😃

6th class had a great time planning a P.E. lesson for their buddies. Junior infants really enjoyed trying all the different circuits. 6th class are also currently creating big books all about manners, when they are finished they will read them to their buddies. We spent time this week making study notes on all the SESE topics we have covered so far this year. In Science this week we paired up to come up with a healthy daily eating and exercise plan. 6th class came up with some very delicious meal ideas. In English we really enjoyed reading about and discussing different mystery stories. In Art we created beautiful colour wheel eyes. In Irish we started working on our ‘Mé Féin’ projects, I am blown away with the effort they are putting in and their Gaeilge. They also really enjoyed their first Irish station. Lean leis an obair iontach😄

6th class were working on Data in maths this week so we went out to complete a traffic survey and then inputted our findings into a trend graph. In English this week we enjoyed creating word searches based on our spellings lists for our peers. We also wrote a research piece on Malala after carrying out further research. In Irish we continued to work on the Aidiacht Shealbhach and wrote a ríomhphost to our friend. In Art we finished our warm and cool sun printings and then created a pen holders using glass jars and crepe paper. We really enjoyed playing games and having an ice-pop with our buddies on Wednesday. In Geography this week we learnt all about ‘The Burren’ and created brochures in pairs to entice people to visit this beautiful place. Well done rang a sé 😃

6th class had another busy but productive week. On Monday we started our eight week MarathonKids programme. We go out running laps four times a week. In English we learnt all about Malala and wrote newspaper reports on 9/11. In science we have been learning about healthy eating and finished our immune system brochures. In Gaeilge we were learning all about the Aimsir Chaite and created Irish oral games. In Art we outlined our beautiful family trees and then learnt about warm and cool colours, to then create paintings of the sun. We also hosted assembly this week, which was all about friendship, and we learnt how to sign and sing the song ‘Lean on Me’. We were so excited to end the week by meeting our new Junior Infant buddies😃

6th class had another very busy week. We put a huge focus on developing new spelling strategies this week, we played spelling games, researched the meaning of each spelling and looked at spelling patterns. In English we focused on the recount writing genre, the children wrote fantastic recount reports about outstanding animals. In Gaeilge we continue to develop our oral Irish skills and learnt all about the body (Corp). In History we created study notes on ‘The Celts’ and created beautiful Celtic designs. We found it very interesting to learn about ‘The Immune System’ in Science and created factual brochures all about the immune system. In Geography the children paired up and picked one volcano or earthquake to create a research poster on. We had great fun in Drama this week, playing drama games and working with our peers to spell names out using our bodies. In Music we learnt all about brass instruments and started learning how to sign and sing the song ‘Lean on Me’. To finish the week we painted beautiful family trees based on the research they completed on their own families. Maith sibh rang a Sé😃

6th Class had a very busy first week. They are all delighted to be back together after the holidays. Over the past week we have been working really hard on our oral Irish and learning about the uimhreacha pearsanta, we had great fun making cubes all about ourselves as Gaeilge. 6th class had a great time in P.E. developing their rugby skills. They were hard at work learning about ‘The Earth’ in Geography and ‘The Celts’ in History. They learnt how to write their name using the Celtic ogham alphabet. In Art we created a drawing using our initial. In SPHE we worked collaboratively to create table names, discussed different families and designed family shields with acrostic poems underneath. We enjoyed different drama games and had an ice-pop in the sun to reward all their hard work. Lean leis an obair iontach. Maith sibh rang a sé 😊