6th Class

6th class had a great time planning a P.E. lesson for their buddies. Junior infants really enjoyed trying all the different circuits. 6th class are also currently creating big books all about manners, when they are finished they will read them to their buddies. We spent time this week making study notes on all the SESE topics we have covered so far this year. In Science this week we paired up to come up with a healthy daily eating and exercise plan. 6th class came up with some very delicious meal ideas. In English we really enjoyed reading about and discussing different mystery stories. In Art we created beautiful colour wheel eyes. In Irish we started working on our ‘Mé Féin’ projects, I am blown away with the effort they are putting in and their Gaeilge. They also really enjoyed their first Irish station. Lean leis an obair iontach😄

6th class were working on Data in maths this week so we went out to complete a traffic survey and then inputted our findings into a trend graph. In English this week we enjoyed creating word searches based on our spellings lists for our peers. We also wrote a research piece on Malala after carrying out further research. In Irish we continued to work on the Aidiacht Shealbhach and wrote a ríomhphost to our friend. In Art we finished our warm and cool sun printings and then created a pen holders using glass jars and crepe paper. We really enjoyed playing games and having an ice-pop with our buddies on Wednesday. In Geography this week we learnt all about ‘The Burren’ and created brochures in pairs to entice people to visit this beautiful place. Well done rang a sé 😃

6th class had another busy but productive week. On Monday we started our eight week MarathonKids programme. We go out running laps four times a week. In English we learnt all about Malala and wrote newspaper reports on 9/11. In science we have been learning about healthy eating and finished our immune system brochures. In Gaeilge we were learning all about the Aimsir Chaite and created Irish oral games. In Art we outlined our beautiful family trees and then learnt about warm and cool colours, to then create paintings of the sun. We also hosted assembly this week, which was all about friendship, and we learnt how to sign and sing the song ‘Lean on Me’. We were so excited to end the week by meeting our new Junior Infant buddies😃

6th class had another very busy week. We put a huge focus on developing new spelling strategies this week, we played spelling games, researched the meaning of each spelling and looked at spelling patterns. In English we focused on the recount writing genre, the children wrote fantastic recount reports about outstanding animals. In Gaeilge we continue to develop our oral Irish skills and learnt all about the body (Corp). In History we created study notes on ‘The Celts’ and created beautiful Celtic designs. We found it very interesting to learn about ‘The Immune System’ in Science and created factual brochures all about the immune system. In Geography the children paired up and picked one volcano or earthquake to create a research poster on. We had great fun in Drama this week, playing drama games and working with our peers to spell names out using our bodies. In Music we learnt all about brass instruments and started learning how to sign and sing the song ‘Lean on Me’. To finish the week we painted beautiful family trees based on the research they completed on their own families. Maith sibh rang a Sé😃

6th Class had a very busy first week. They are all delighted to be back together after the holidays. Over the past week we have been working really hard on our oral Irish and learning about the uimhreacha pearsanta, we had great fun making cubes all about ourselves as Gaeilge. 6th class had a great time in P.E. developing their rugby skills. They were hard at work learning about ‘The Earth’ in Geography and ‘The Celts’ in History. They learnt how to write their name using the Celtic ogham alphabet. In Art we created a drawing using our initial. In SPHE we worked collaboratively to create table names, discussed different families and designed family shields with acrostic poems underneath. We enjoyed different drama games and had an ice-pop in the sun to reward all their hard work. Lean leis an obair iontach. Maith sibh rang a sé 😊