Laptop Use Policy

Laptop Use Agreement


Castleknock National School



Guidelines for Use


  1. The laptop remains the property of Castleknock National School


  1. The laptop is covered under school insurance, however, the teacher must take reasonable care to avoid damage or loss. All leads and accessories are to be stored safely


  1. Internet usage must be of an appropriate nature to minimise pupil’s exposure to inappropriate material


  1. All Problems in relation to school laptops should be referred to the ICT coordinator
  2. The laptop is for the class teacher’s usage and must not be transferred to a third party


  1. Laptops must be locked away at the end of each day in the designated location.  It is important to ensure the school principal has the password and a spare key to access the school laptop should the class teacher be absent.




Laptop Use Agreement


  • Staff laptops/other personal ICT equipment remain the property of the school. These are to remain on the school premises at all times apart from when specific permission is given by the school principal for these laptops to leave the school.


In the event that the Principal gives specific permission for a CNS laptop to be taken off site, the following agreement should be signed and returned, in advance, by the relevant staff member.





















Laptop Use Agreement.


Terms and Conditions of Use


  • I agree that the laptop at all times remains the property of Castleknock National School and that the Laptop is provided for my use as a teacher to assist me in developing educational learning materials for classes taught at Castleknock National School.


  • I may use the laptop for educational purposes only.


  • I undertake to keep the laptop in good working order and to notify Castleknock National School of any defect or malfunction of the laptop while in my care.



  • I will use the laptop lawfully and in accordance with the school IT

policy which may change from time to time, regarding the ethical use of technology, use of legal software, use of the Internet and the protection of personal data


1.5.            I will not sell, assign, transfer or otherwise dispose of the laptop.



1.6.             I will return the laptop to the school in good working order at the

end of the school year


1.7.             I will not remove, conceal or alter any laptop package markings,

tags or plates or engrave or mark the Laptop in any way that will

reduce the value of the laptop.


1.8.              If the laptop is lost, stolen or damaged I will advise the Principal

and the Police as soon as possible.


1.9.             I will not allow my user account and password to be used by

anyone other than myself, unless required by the school.



I understand the conditions attached to the use of school laptops:



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