iPAD Policy

Acceptable Usage of iPads Policy

Usage in the classroom:

  • The ICT coordinator is Sharon Leopold.
  • iPad are used to support the primary school curriculum.
  • The timetable will be distributed in September and the teachers can choose times and days that suit them. The timetable will then be displayed in the staffroom and emailed to all teachers.
  • iPad will not be synced to the printer so printing directly from iPad will not be possible. iPad are only to be given out and collected by the teacher.
  • All iPad are numbered and each child is assigned an iPad for use in that school year (teachers are asked to keep note of who is assigned to each iPad). Children may not swap iPad. iPad 1 is for teacher use. Apple classroom app is installed on iPad 1 to help the teacher monitor the children while engaging with the iPad.
  • Children should put the iPad on the table when in use and use the stand on the cover to prop up.
  • A specific task should be given to the children for each lesson.
  • If using websites for research, children should be aware of good vs bad content/ information on websites. Pupils should acknowledge the use of websites in project work. 
  • In September, each teacher must explain acceptable usage of the iPad to their class. Children must then sign their name to an acceptable usage charter which can be displayed in the classroom. Teachers may amend the charter to suit the age and class level of the teaching they are teaching.
  • General ICT usage should be noted in yearly schemes.
  • Specific iPad usage should be noted in weekly/ fortnightly lesson plans and monthly progress reports and naming apps used and websites used. E.g. literacy- phonics- app name
  • iPad will be wipe with cleaning wipes after use and should be stored in the charging trolley when they are not being used.
  • Junior Infants will use start using the iPads when the class teacher feels that they are ready, as a class.