1st Class

We had great fun in 1st class this week. On Wednesday we used the iPads for the first time which was very exciting. We played a game to practice our tables and drew some pictures. We made mini toilet roll holder bats and 3D pumpkins for our Halloween art. On Thursday, we made some tasty ‘top hat’ treats. On Friday, we had so many wonderful costumes in 1st class. Even Miss Gray dressed up as ‘Super Teacher’!  We also did lots of activities to celebrate maths week.

For maths week we practiced our tables on the iPads. We played spooky X’s and O’s with spiders and frogs and a Lego addition game in stations. In PE, we did number relays in teams. The Connect 4’s were the fastest team to put the numbers 1-10 in the right order!

Another busy week for 1st class. In PE we were working on running skills with games and relays. We completed lots of different activities in numeracy stations. For art, we created autumn leaves using warm and cool colours. Wednesday was grandparents day so of course we had to make cards for them. On Friday, it was jersey day so we all wore our jerseys to school. We also had our 2nd Agri-Aware webinar where we learned all about sheep and then made some Pom-Pom pencil toppers from wool 😊

This week 1st class were working on the number 18 in maths. We used mini whiteboards, cubes and counters to find different ways of making 18. In art, we learned about primary and secondary colours in art to make colour wheel umbrellas. On Friday, we took part in an Agri Aware webinar where we learned all about dairy. We even made our own banana milkshakes!

This week, 1st class were making 3D family trees in history. We played beanbag balancing games and relays in PE, it was great fun. In art, we turned  black dots into pictures using our imagination. Some dots were turned into bunny tails, some were windows in a pirate ship and even a few wrecking balls.

Another busy week in 1st class. PE is one of our favourite subjects, so we played lots of games outside this week. Here are some pictures of us playing ‘Lifesavers’. We did some taste tests and a guess the smell and sound game in SESE. We also did some 3D line art. We talked about how we could create a 3D line and learned how to fold and twirl the paper strips in different ways. This was great fun and we used lots of bright colours.

First class have been very busy in school since we started back. We have been working really hard on our mental maths and our oral Irish. Here are some pictures of our first class doing their art this week. This weeks lesson was all about ‘taking a line for a walk’. We also had great fun looking at all our baby photos and playing ‘guess the baby’.