1st Class

See what 1st class have been up to 😃

1st class have been busy looking at length in maths. They have been estimating and measuring using a metre . We have also been learning how to sew in art. 1st class really enjoyed this activity and are very good at it. In science, we were learning about wind. We made wind vanes and tested them in the yard.

1st class have been looking at floating and sinking in science this week. We made tinfoil boats and estimated how many dried peas it could hold before it started to sink. 

Over the past few weeks, we have been waiting for our butterflies to emerge from their cocoons. When they finally came out, we observed them for 2 days and released them into the yard on Thursday. It was very exciting. In art, we created our own butterflies using toilet rolls. They look beautiful! We also had lots of fun being active this week. Playing lots of games outside and dancing along to songs in the classroom 😊

Have a look at all the fantastic activities that first class have been doing with Ms. Hastings over the past 2 and a half weeks. We are learning so much and having lots of fun.

Take a look at what first class have been up to this week.

Here is what 1st class have been up to over the past 2 weeks. 

We have been very busy with Seachtain na Gaeilge – making words for the ‘balla focal’, decorating ‘seanfhocail’ posters, completing a word hunt in the yard as Gaeilge, Céilí dancing with Mrs.McMurdock, reading lots of leabhair Ghaeilge and playing games like Deir Ó Ghrádaí and Éadaí Biongo. We also learned 2 Irish songs for the ceolchoirm ‘An Haka Gaelach’ agus ‘Ceann, gualainn, glúin is cos’. Bhí coicís iontach againn ☘️

We have also been working on our class projects all about ourselves. They will look great when they are finished.

It’s first classes turn to do assembly this week. As it is ‘Random act of kindness’ week, we have been talking a lot about what it means to be kind. Here are our pictures that we have drawn for assembly.

This week in 1st class, we started off  with some tag rugby on Monday morning. 

We began work on data in maths, we collected lots of information from our class and put them on graphs. 

We made a list of different types of transport, we talked about where we would go if we could visit any country in the world and how we would get there. 

In science, we investigated melting using butter, apple, chocolate buttons, marshmallows and jelly. It was great fun! 

On Thursday, we practiced our football skills with Scott who was in school on work experience for the week. 

On Friday, we enjoyed some jelly and ice-cream to link in with our lesson on melting. Well done 1st Class!! 😊

We started off the week with our third rugby session with coach Ariel from Leinster Rugby on Monday. 

This week in maths we have been comparing and ordering numbers using playing cards. We have also been doing a lot of work on estimating. We estimated and measures how many cubes could fill one of our shoes? How many times we could throw and catch a beanbag in 30 seconds and how many counters we could pick up in one hand. These activities were great fun and helped us learn about making a good guess. 

We have also started football skills in PE, learning how to kick the ball properly and aim at a target. 

In art, we made positive and negative suns using red, yellow and orange paper. They look great!!

Take a look at what 1st class have been up to over the past 2 weeks. We painted our clay turtles in a variety of bright and dark colours. After learning all about transparency, translucency and opaqueness, we conducted our own light investigation using torches and different materials. We read the Irish legend of ‘The Children of Lír’ and rewrote it in our own words. Leinster Rugby have started a 6 week block of rugby training for all classes on Mondays. We are really enjoying it. For art we made paper lanterns and tiger faces while learning a bit about Chinese New Year.2022 is the year of the tiger!! 🐯

It’s great to be back together in school, we have been very busy so far in 2022! We estimated and measured in maths for capacity. We wrote down our hopes and wishes for 2022. We made some clay turtles and had fun in the snow. Here are some pictures of 1st class over the past week and a half.

Christmas is here and 1st class couldn’t be more excited!! We started looking at tens and units in maths and finished up on the theme of ‘Bia’ in Gaeilge. On Thursday, we were treated to a playground orchestra performance. They played lots of Christmas songs and 1st class had great fun singing and dancing to the music. In PE this week, we have been practicing our hopping and skipping skills whilst playing some fun games. The excitement of the arrival of our classroom elf ‘Elfie’ on Wednesday inspired 1st class to transform themselves into elves for art!! We also have an advent calendar in our classroom. Each day, someone gets to open an envelope to find a nice treat. Well done 1st class on all the hard work you have done this week. Keep it up 👍🏻 

In 1st class this week, we made clocks in maths using paper plates. In maths stations, we were working on money, making amounts using coins and sticking them in our piggy banks. 1st class read all about astronauts in English and talked about different pets and how to care for them in science. We designed our own Christmas jumpers in preparation for the ‘Late Late Toy Show’. We also learned all about farm safety on the Agri-Aware Webinar and did an interactive quiz. 

Another busy week for 1st class. We started looking at money in maths stations, sorting coins, coin rubbings and playing money games on the iPads. We made ice-creams where each flavoured scoop had a different value. We then added up the total cost. Tuesday was a very exciting day as we got a new screen in our classroom. We can do lots of fun activities on the touchscreen and use the magic pens to write and draw things. On Thursday, there were 3 big bags of recyclable materials in our classroom and that only meant one thing… JUNK ART. 1st class had a great time planning and creating wonderful structures made from these materials. In PE, we have been practicing chest pass and bounce pass with the large tennis balls. This was great fun 🤩

1st class had an explosive science week! Each day we conducted science experiments in the classroom. On Monday, we did a magic milk experiment and made a skittles rainbow. On Tuesday, we changed the colour of white flowers by placing them in a jar of water with food colouring and we soaked jellies in water to see what would happen. They got bigger!!! On Wednesday we made erupting volcanoes in the yard. On Thursday, we watched a balloon inflate by itself and watched pencils go through a bag of water with no leaks. It was great fun. On Friday, it was our turn to do assembly. We talked about all our exciting science week experiments.

We were very busy in 1st class this week doing lots of fun activities. On Monday, we learned all about games in the past. We play marbles, hopscotch and tip the can. It was great fun! On Tuesday, we talked about human and natural features of the environment and sorted pictures in our groups. We looked at sound in science on Wednesday and made different sounds using butter tubs and elastic bands. We made some lovely owls on Thursday in art and then on Friday we made ‘bird cakes’ using unsalted butter, seeds and oats to put in our gardens at home to feed the birds in the cold weather.

We had great fun in 1st class this week. On Wednesday we used the iPads for the first time which was very exciting. We played a game to practice our tables and drew some pictures. We made mini toilet roll holder bats and 3D pumpkins for our Halloween art. On Thursday, we made some tasty ‘top hat’ treats. On Friday, we had so many wonderful costumes in 1st class. Even Miss Gray dressed up as ‘Super Teacher’!  We also did lots of activities to celebrate maths week.

For maths week we practiced our tables on the iPads. We played spooky X’s and O’s with spiders and frogs and a Lego addition game in stations. In PE, we did number relays in teams. The Connect 4’s were the fastest team to put the numbers 1-10 in the right order!

Another busy week for 1st class. In PE we were working on running skills with games and relays. We completed lots of different activities in numeracy stations. For art, we created autumn leaves using warm and cool colours. Wednesday was grandparents day so of course we had to make cards for them. On Friday, it was jersey day so we all wore our jerseys to school. We also had our 2nd Agri-Aware webinar where we learned all about sheep and then made some Pom-Pom pencil toppers from wool 😊

This week 1st class were working on the number 18 in maths. We used mini whiteboards, cubes and counters to find different ways of making 18. In art, we learned about primary and secondary colours in art to make colour wheel umbrellas. On Friday, we took part in an Agri Aware webinar where we learned all about dairy. We even made our own banana milkshakes!

This week, 1st class were making 3D family trees in history. We played beanbag balancing games and relays in PE, it was great fun. In art, we turned  black dots into pictures using our imagination. Some dots were turned into bunny tails, some were windows in a pirate ship and even a few wrecking balls.

Another busy week in 1st class. PE is one of our favourite subjects, so we played lots of games outside this week. Here are some pictures of us playing ‘Lifesavers’. We did some taste tests and a guess the smell and sound game in SESE. We also did some 3D line art. We talked about how we could create a 3D line and learned how to fold and twirl the paper strips in different ways. This was great fun and we used lots of bright colours.

First class have been very busy in school since we started back. We have been working really hard on our mental maths and our oral Irish. Here are some pictures of our first class doing their art this week. This weeks lesson was all about ‘taking a line for a walk’. We also had great fun looking at all our baby photos and playing ‘guess the baby’.