2nd Class

2nd Class have been working on a project for Our Community with Junior Achievement Ireland over the past few weeks. This week we were learning all about the government, how to vote, and elected a class mayor following a presentation of promises which will be followed through on upon election! Although this was all a fictional context the children thoroughly enjoyed working with Sinead!
We also played some Minecraft and practiced for sportsday during the week.

2nd Class have been working really hard over the past few weeks doing their Drumcondra tests.

We have been playing basketball in PE along with learning different movement skills.

Art has now transitioned onto summer flowers to tie in with the season upon us!

All of the children have been carrying out excellent work across all subjects with great progress being made in Maths and Literacy.

2nd Class created lovely St. Patrick’s Day art out of clay.

Bhí rang a dó an-ghnóthach an Seachtain seo lena gníomhaíochtaí difriúla do SNG 😃

Working hard on their exercises 🙂

Painting and 3-D shape hunts were on the agenda for 2nd Class this week. We managed to dodge the raindrops on Thursday morning to get outside and look for shapes in our school yard.

Since the return to school, we have been busy getting back into the swing of things.  

We have started rugby lessons with coaches from Leinster Rugby. This week we had the opportunity to focus on holding the ball, catching and scoring along with all of our movement skills. 

For PE we have began doing Gaelic Football. We will be doing this for a few weeks, developing our skills and putting them into practice. 

In Art we have been drawing and decorating peacocks. All of the drawings have been exceptional and will hang down the back of our class for the next few weeks.  

We have been playing lots of Minecraft in SESE linking back to previous lessons by building houses along with designing and making a rocket.  

Free writing has become a daily activity in the classroom and the children are putting in a great effort to produce their best work. 

In SPHE we have been learning all about our Character Strengths and what these strengths bring to our daily lives. 

SESE is going to be a major focus over the coming weeks. We are in the process of beginning our Incredible Edibles programme. For the moment we are looking at food and where it comes from, looking at products such as milk, potatoes, apples and wheat.

2nd class had a super week. They had a great time getting to know all the different farm animals and really enjoyed the ‘Panto’. They also made lovely sock snowmen.

Spooky Fun in 2nd Class!!

A spooky group of children arrived on the doorstep of 2nd Class on Friday 22nd October. There were costumes ranging from dead brides, to dinosaurs, to Harry Potter characters and all the in-between. I would like to thank everyone for their hard work over the last few weeks in the settling back into school process. I would also like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and a lovely mid-term break where everyone has the chance to get a rest!

We have had an extremely busy first term in 2nd class!

The creativity of the pupils has been in full flow with many skills practiced. In art for the past two weeks, we have been making both Pom Pom monsters and spooky chains to celebrate the run up to Halloween. Freeze frames based on the Addams Family have been practiced for drama. We have also been doing response activities using many popular nursery rhymes, including alternative scenes and recreations. For music we practiced our ta’s and ti-ti’s to maintain a pulse to a variety of musical extracts.

Maths Week

2nd Class had good fun for maths week! We were looking at different shapes both in school and at home. Well-done to everyone for engaging with the content. We had the opportunity to use the new iPads to practice our times tables while playing hit the button. Also, in the classroom we have been practicing our computation skills with the children using their addition, subtraction and multiplication skills in the Countdown number game – using addition, subtraction and multiplication. It is important to remember that maths is everywhere and we can keep learning about it outside of the classroom.

We have been practicing explanation writing for literacy for the first term with the children practicing writing about activities ranging from the life cycle of a ladybird to our dream Halloween parties. Some of these were quite extravagant!! Everyone has been doing great reading and writing both in class and for homework. I would like everyone to keep up the great work after the break.

We have been attending webinars for SESE based on food and farming from Agri Aware. We are learning about fruits and vegetables along with animals, looking at the process of how food goes from the farm to our plate. Outside of the webinars we have been looking at the local area of Castleknock, along with trips to Barcelona to admire Gaudi’s architectural creations. (Unfortunately through Google Earth ☹).

We have been practicing our throwing, catching and moving all term for PE through playing Olympic Handball. We also had some nice movement breaks doing dance activities and throwing horse chestnuts in the yard.

2nd Class had great fun this week making stained glass hot air balloons. They are now in the classroom window for all to see!