3rd Class

3rd class participated in the second part of the series of ‘Exploring Insects Through Your Senses’. This time it involved listening to different sounds insects make, how they make them and a Japanese song called ‘ Mushi no Koe’. They also created their own poem about insects. 

Insects Around the World

Insects speak a language that humans can’t understand. A bit like how crickets make that very weird sound.

I saw a cricket. It was a very rich green. It made a tick, tick, tick sound.

I heard a cricket in the bush. Crick, crick, crick, calling for his friends.

I saw a cricket in my garden, it was hopping around.

My little grasshopper was hopping around, making lots and lots of sound.

I saw black and yellow, but it wasn’t a wasp or a bee.

The bee started buzzing when the weather was sunny.

Don’t get scared, a bee won’t hurt.

I saw a bumble bee, it looked fluffy. It looked like it was lost.

Bees are in the trees. Ants are on the ground. The world is full of insects, making lots of sound.

Some insects don’t make any noise at all.

3rd class took part in a webinar called ‘Exploring Insects Through Your Senses’ with Neasa Darcy. They learned about different types of insects, how to identify insects and the types of plants and flowers that help insects. One activity was to listen and draw an insect. It turned out to be a ‘Death-Head Hawk’ moth. They also went on a trip to a habitat that contained different native plants and tulips where they identified the insects that were there.

3rd class had a student teacher called Ms. Butler in for the last three weeks. She did lots of activities with them. They made different clouds out of cotton wool, drew and painted monsters and made 3D shapes out of pipe cleaners.

Bhí Céilí, amuigh sa chlós, ag rang a trí.

3rd class learned about 2D shapes this week. They learnt about the semi-circle, circle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon and triangle. They used small sticks and markers to create five shapes to show their understanding of the different lines and angles of each shape.

3rd class were learning about weight in Maths this week. They were in groups and had to estimate and measure different everyday items. When they were finished they had to work out the difference between their estimate and actual weight.

3rd class were delighted with their new class pet called Bubbles and Guppy. Bubbles is the silver and orange fish and Guppy is the orange and white fish. They have to make sure they’re well fed by feeding them special flakes twice a day.

3rd class have earned a reward by filling the marble jar by working hard, being polite, doing lovely handwriting, listening and focusing and many other positive things. They chose to have a class pet as their reward. Next week we will have two fish in our tank. Here it is ready to go…

3rd class had great fun this week participating in a Geography and Science quiz based on the content we’ve completed since September. They were in groups of five or six and had to work together to answer the questions. The team ‘Santa’s Little Helpers’ won. Well done!

The children in 3rd class read and learned about the ‘Race to Space’ and ‘The Moon Landing’ this week. They also drafted, edited and redrafted a newspaper report based on what they had learned.

3rd class learned about games and pastimes in History this week. They discussed the differences and similarities between them. They drew and/or wrote about the past and present of games and pastimes.

3rd class learned about Wassily Kandinsky and his ‘Concentric Circles’ in Art this week. They observed the colours, shape and patterns in his Art work. The children created their own concentric circles based on this using colouring pencils, pastels and paint.

3rd Class Art

3rd class have been really enjoying Science Week. They have been busy learning about bonding, mixtures, reactions and materials. They all made lava lamps individually and they all looked at polymer as a material using pencils in groups.

3rd class got a chance to use the Ipads for the first time this week. They had great fun learning how to use them. Thank you to the Parents Association for helping to fundraise for them.

This week was Maths week. The children learned about different types of graphs like pictograms, bar charts and block graphs. They worked in groups to choose a category, ask people questions and design and present their graph.

3rd class were learning about lines and angles. They learnt about parallel and diagonal lines and acute, obtuse and right angles. They used lollipop sticks and markers to create these.  

3rd class looked at the different deciduous trees in our yard. The found an elm, oak and sycamore tree. They had to name the tree, draw the leaf, observe the fruit and/or seeds and take a bark rubbing. They worked in pairs and seemed to really enjoy it.

Tree Day

3rd class were involved in Tree Day on the 7th October. They had a visit from the Tree Council of Ireland with Éanna Ní Lamhna and representatives from RTE News2day. Pippa Hackett, who is the Minister for Land Use and Biodiversity, also attended and planted a tree. The event was filmed and featured in News2Day TV programme where 3rd class proved to be very knowledgeable.

3rd class learned about the Stone Age. They looked at and discussed the different types of cave drawings and paintings found during this time. Using different materials they created their own cave drawings similar to these.

3rd class discussed and observed the different lines, shapes and colours used in Joan Miro’s painting of ‘The Singing Fish.’ They created their own painting based on this using the same lines, shapes and colours.

3rd class learned about different buildings and houses this week. They drew and named the different types of living arrangements including a caravan, apartment, semi-detached, detached, bungalow and terraced houses.

3rd class have been very busy writing about themselves and designing their name with different Art materials.