3rd Class

This week was Maths week. The children learned about different types of graphs like pictograms, bar charts and block graphs. They worked in groups to choose a category, ask people questions and design and present their graph.

3rd class were learning about lines and angles. They learnt about parallel and diagonal lines and acute, obtuse and right angles. They used lollipop sticks and markers to create these.  

3rd class looked at the different deciduous trees in our yard. The found an elm, oak and sycamore tree. They had to name the tree, draw the leaf, observe the fruit and/or seeds and take a bark rubbing. They worked in pairs and seemed to really enjoy it.

Tree Day

3rd class were involved in Tree Day on the 7th October. They had a visit from the Tree Council of Ireland with Éanna Ní Lamhna and representatives from RTE News2day. Pippa Hackett, who is the Minister for Land Use and Biodiversity, also attended and planted a tree. The event was filmed and featured in News2Day TV programme where 3rd class proved to be very knowledgeable.

3rd class learned about the Stone Age. They looked at and discussed the different types of cave drawings and paintings found during this time. Using different materials they created their own cave drawings similar to these.

3rd class discussed and observed the different lines, shapes and colours used in Joan Miro’s painting of ‘The Singing Fish.’ They created their own painting based on this using the same lines, shapes and colours.

3rd class learned about different buildings and houses this week. They drew and named the different types of living arrangements including a caravan, apartment, semi-detached, detached, bungalow and terraced houses.

3rd class have been very busy writing about themselves and designing their name with different Art materials.