3rd Class

Some of 3rd class chose to complete their individual project based on a historical event. Well done to all!

3rd class had a wonderful day doing their own type of Sports Day. They participated in relay races, sprints and the ‘potato and spoon’ race too. They had a great time and won some lovely prizes.

3rd Class have been busy learning about materials and their properties. They worked in groups and pairs to discuss and write about solids, liquids and gases.

Some of the children in 3rd class painted orange trees. They used different materials like cotton wool balls for painting the trees and bottle lids for the ‘oranges’.

3rd class have been busy learning about the different bones for the different parts of the body. They each had to cut out and stick the bones together to make a skeleton. They also labelled the individual names of the bones on the skeleton. 

3rd class were busy having fun working in groups to measure the different amounts of liquids using millilitres and litres. They had to estimate and then work out the actual measurement of each container.

3rd class have been learning about swifts that are coming to Ireland. They created pictures welcoming the swifts and the swifts in flight. There are nesting boxes with sounds for the swifts just put up on the school building this week. 3rd class will be waiting to listen to the sounds as they hopefully nest there.

The theme for Art this week was ‘April Showers’. Third class used many different Art materials like fabric, paint and markers to create their Art work. Some of them wrote the saying of ‘April Showers Brings May Flowers’.

3rd Class were very busy today using metre sticks to estimate and actually measure their ball throw in groups.

3rd Class were learning about Albert Einstein for Science week. They made their own Albert Einstein in Art using different materials.

Third class working hard on their Joan Miro inspired Artwork.