4th/5th Class

4th and 5th Class were very busy this week. We continued to explore the topic of “The Great Irish Famine” and we created freeze frames in drama. We then added dialogue to our freeze frames. We also continued with orienteering in P.E. The pupils really enjoyed completing a mathematical scavenger hunt outdoors and participating in a variety of Christmas themed movement breaks throughout the week!

Other examples of fantastic art and Irish work in 4th and 5th Class

We got to enjoy some beautiful music today as two of the pupils played pieces on the piano as part of their Show and Tell today. They were magnificent!!
Spooktacular Samples of Hallowe’en Art from 4th and 5th Class!

Ms.Furney’s 4th and 5th class have been working very hard on the topic of ‘Data’ in maths this week. They really enjoyed answering questions and creating bar charts as one of their activities!
More examples of the marvellous ‘Micrography’ pieces created in Ms.Furney’s classroom. The pupils also created “Inner and Outer Self” drawings. These illustrate what they look like on the outside and what they look like on the inside (their feelings, interests and hobbies).
This week 4th and 5th class learned all about Pablo Picasso in art. The pupils all had great fun “Rolling Picassos” using dice, paper and various mediums to colour with. I think you will all agree how wonderful the drawings are!

These are four examples of our Micrography in art. Micrography is the art or practice of writing in very small characters.