4th/5th Class

4th and 5th class have been working extremely hard on their project entitled  ‘Living History Living Faith’ over the last few months. I think you’ll all agree that the end result looks amazing! The project will be on display in Christchurch Cathedral and DCU over the coming months. We will keep you posted! Many thanks to Canon Houston, Ms Moloney and a number of parishioners for assisting us with our project. We really enjoyed learning about our school, the church and the connections between them. 

Canon Houston very kindly took part in an interview with 4th/5th class recently. He talked about Saint Brigid’s church, both now and in the past. Canon Houston provided us with lots of information for our ‘Living History Living Faith’ project.

4th and 5th class had so much fun out on the green together. There were races, lots of skipping, hula hoops and laps around the perimeter. We really enjoyed being able to make the most of the great space.

Ms. Furney’s 4th Class really enjoyed completing their English work in the sun this week! We revised various writing genres in English. Many interesting discussions took place!

4th class had great fun doing a bootcamp style workout today. They definitely rose to the teacher challenge!

4th and 5th Class created fabulous ‘Bottle cap’ drawings during art recently. They are extremely creative and imaginative. We hope you enjoy them!

4th and 5th Class visited Saint Brigid’s church on Thursday of this week. Canon Houston shared lots of information about the history of this beautiful church with us. We had a wonderful time!

4th/5th Class gained a comprehensive insight into the life of a famous artist this week. We explored the life of Wassily Kandinsky. We learned that he was an abstract painter who loved to use colour, lines and shapes to express his feelings. We learned about ‘Concentric Circles’ and used crayons to create our own versions of Kandinsky’s work.

4th/5th Class were given the opportunity to see and hear about some of the wonderful work carried out by Dublin Fire Brigade this week.

A wonderful ‘collaborative’ art project completed by 4th/5th class! I think you’ll all agree how amazing it looks 😊

4th/5th Class wrote imaginative stories after they created their fabulous 3D balloons. They created wonderful narrative pieces based on the theme of adventure 🎈

4th/5th Class are working extremely hard across all subject areas. Here we are working on our present tense verbs in Irish ‘Briathra san Aimsir Láithreach’. We have been working in pairs to complete written activities based on these verbs. We have been using our dictionaries and glance cards to help us. Ms. Furney is extremely proud of all of the pupils in 4th and 5th Class.


4th and 5th Class enjoyed ‘mindful moments’ and ‘mindful music’ this week. Ms.Furney is extremely impressed by all the wonderful work being done by the class! 

Having adopted an amazing red panda from Dublin Zoo, 4th and 5th Class were extremely busy following step-by-step instructions to create fabulous jungle animals! Here are some samples of the jungle animals. Enjoy!

Hot-Air Balloons

I think you’ll all agree that our hot-air balloons are magnificent! They are a wonderful addition to our classroom. 4th/5th Class were very busy choosing colours, patterns and designs for their balloons and baskets. Fantastic work!

4th and 5th Class have been extremely busy learning about the process of ‘Papier Machée’ this week. Watch this space for fabulous hot-air balloons over the coming weeks. They are a work in progress

4th and 5th class are working on the theme ‘An Teilifís’ in Gaeilge at the moment. They completed a task called ‘Abairtí Briste’ this week. This involved putting words in order and creating a variety of sentences. This was great practice for sentence structure in Irish and it was a lot of fun!

4th and 5th Class were very busy during art.  They used a variety of colours, designs and patterns to create these wonderful Easter bunnies!

Ms. Furney’s class got incredibly creative during lockdown, watch the video below to see all the fantastic pieces of Art that were created.

‘What kindness means to me’ by Holly Martin

Kindness is our superpower. We can’t forget to be kind because kindness makes other people feel good. You can be kind by helping someone when they fall or by telling someone they look nice today. Even just saying ‘Good morning’ could brighten someone’s day. We could also show kindness by giving someone a gift although the gift of words can be just as good! Our words and our actions speak volumes. Loads of people have been kind to me in many different ways. For example, they told me that they liked what I was wearing or they told me that I’m kind. It is important to remember that we all must be kind to ourselves. Being kind to yourself is really important and we must do that before we can be kind to others.

4th and 5th Class were very busy this week. We continued to explore the topic of “The Great Irish Famine” and we created freeze frames in drama. We then added dialogue to our freeze frames. We also continued with orienteering in P.E. The pupils really enjoyed completing a mathematical scavenger hunt outdoors and participating in a variety of Christmas themed movement breaks throughout the week!

Other examples of fantastic art and Irish work in 4th and 5th Class

We got to enjoy some beautiful music today as two of the pupils played pieces on the piano as part of their Show and Tell today. They were magnificent!!
Spooktacular Samples of Hallowe’en Art from 4th and 5th Class!

Ms.Furney’s 4th and 5th class have been working very hard on the topic of ‘Data’ in maths this week. They really enjoyed answering questions and creating bar charts as one of their activities!
More examples of the marvellous ‘Micrography’ pieces created in Ms.Furney’s classroom. The pupils also created “Inner and Outer Self” drawings. These illustrate what they look like on the outside and what they look like on the inside (their feelings, interests and hobbies).
This week 4th and 5th class learned all about Pablo Picasso in art. The pupils all had great fun “Rolling Picassos” using dice, paper and various mediums to colour with. I think you will all agree how wonderful the drawings are!

These are four examples of our Micrography in art. Micrography is the art or practice of writing in very small characters.