4th Class

Have a look at all the fun activities 4th class have been participating in over the past few weeks 🙂

A very fun week with Seachtain na Gaeilge starting. We made pancake batter and made a video of what we did as gaeilge. We had yummy pancakes thanks to the PA. We also did a word hunt around the school and made a story using the words. We also looked at Irish music. We had great fun listening to John Ryan’s polka. We made a little recording of us playing percussion instruments to it. We have also been learning the national anthem. We got some lovely weather and it made pe super enjoyable. 👌 In maths We were looking at 2-d shapes and played some board games and bingo.


Bhí rang a ceathair an-ghnóthach ag déanamh pancóga. 🙂

Another busy week in 4th class. We finished our printing project in art by created winter Olympic icons. They look fantastic and were great fun to make. We were learning about heat this week in science and we did a word sort and matched heat words to their meanings. We also completed a stem activity. We made magnet powered cars. We worked with our pods and it involved planning/ designing and making. After mid term we will be testing them to see how they work! We had a pj and teddy day on Friday which we chose as our class reward for all the excellent work since Christmas. We had some yummy hot chocolate and treats as well. We have been working so hard in Gaeilge on the topic of weather. We got some extra pe fitted in this week despite the weather!  Hope everyone has a fabulous mid term. 

It’s spring finally!! Lots of interesting activities going on this week. We did some printing with paint in art. These will be used to create winter Olympic art next week. We had rugby and our past pupil Scott did some football training. We did a stem activity making a skier from tinfoil. Next week we will experiment and try get them skiing! We completed Van Gogh pop up chair art. We also looked at Internet safety on Internet safety day.

A busy week in 4th class this week. We continued with basketball in P.E. class. We are getting much better at shooting hoops. We continued looking at magnets in science. We hosted assembly and we were learning about St. Brigid and that was the theme for our assembly. We made some St Brigids crosses. In maths we had a nice hands on week learning about chance. We use dice and cubes to help us learn. We also watched a fun musical show about Winter.

Lots of work going on in 4th class this week. Work on fractions and plenty of practise. Also revision of long multiplication. We also started a new morning activity called ‘noggle’. Like boggle but with numbers. We are learning basketball skills in P.E. we had great fun experimenting and learning about magnets in science. We painted our versions of Van Gogh’s  ‘bedroom’. We looked at music in movies in muso this week. We played a fun games guessing the movie the music was from.

Happy New Year. Let’s hope that 2022 is a great year for everyone. We are getting back into the swing of things in 4th class. We talked about 2022 and what are hopes were. We got some snow on the 2nd day back so that was exciting and distracting!!!!Nothing for it but to go outside  for a few minutes to enjoy it! 😃 We started some lessons on minecraft and are using the ipads to experiment. We will be doing this for the next few weeks. Hopefully we will be experts by the end. We are looking at Vincent van Gogh in art and we drew our versions of his painting ‘The bedroom’. We will paint these next week. Our theme for Gaeilge is sa bhaile so we were learning lots of vocabulary. We had a big topic in maths this week. Long multiplication. Lots of practice to get familiar with it and plenty more to come.

Lots of exciting activities going on in December. We watched the panto and had Woolly Farm visit us (check out see saw for lots of photos). We had some webinars- a wellbeing one and about Christmas traditions around the world. We made some clay Christmas tile decorations and did some chalk Christmas pictures too. We had our secret Santa.

A round up of the last few weeks. Lots of interesting work going on. We did a Squishy Egg experiment. Check out our video. We have been working on affirmations and mediation in S.P.H.E and resilence with the Weaving Wellbeing Programme. In Gaeilge we have just finished up looking at the topic of ‘shopping’. We had great fun doing role play with this topic. We created little shopping towns in art to link in with this theme and used them for oral language activities in Gaeilge classes. Our new topic is ‘clothes’. We have been learning lots of grammar rules too. In English we have been looking at recounts and using the vocabulary of recount. Our Christmas tree has gone up and our advent calendar too. We have been learning some songs in music and doing some body percussion activities.

This week was science week. We had great fun doing some fun experiments. We did a fun experiment with skittles. The water dissolves the sugar shell and as the different colours meet they mix creating different colours. Watch our video to see what happened. We also experimented with eggs. They don’t stand until you put salt and then they will! We have an egg in vinegar and we are observing the changes. So far the shell is starting to dissolve.

4th class completed a traffic survey for ‘Maths Week’.

Another week of great work. We were working on fractions in maths, bia in Gaeilge and we are nearly finished our novel Matilda. We made pencil toppers from wool and we watched a tutorial on how to create some ghost pictures for Halloween. We had another webinar with agri-aware. It was on cereals and grain.

This week we were on assembly for Jersey day. We wore our club or hobby Jersey and talked about the community we are in because of our hobbies and interests. We also talked about our CNS community too  We looked at cubism artist Picasso and started to create our own portraits created by his work. We also had the second talk by agri aware about sheep and looked over the context of the first talk which was on cattle.

A catch up of our work over the last few week. So much learning and fun going on. We finished the models of the lungs in science and we started learning about the heart. We had 2 zooms. One with our Taoiseach and one with the fabulous author David Wallaims. In art we created Starbucks and some lovely silhouettes portraits  In PE we have been working on throwing and catching  as well as running games. We received letters from our pencils in 4th class in Arklow and there was great excitement and we loved writing back. In maths we have been working on angles and lines.

4th class have made a great start to their year. We spent time setting up our classroom and routine. What a lovely bunch they are. Looking forward to a fun year.