4th Class

4th class completed a traffic survey for ‘Maths Week’.

Another week of great work. We were working on fractions in maths, bia in Gaeilge and we are nearly finished our novel Matilda. We made pencil toppers from wool and we watched a tutorial on how to create some ghost pictures for Halloween. We had another webinar with agri-aware. It was on cereals and grain.

This week we were on assembly for Jersey day. We wore our club or hobby Jersey and talked about the community we are in because of our hobbies and interests. We also talked about our CNS community too  We looked at cubism artist Picasso and started to create our own portraits created by his work. We also had the second talk by agri aware about sheep and looked over the context of the first talk which was on cattle.

A catch up of our work over the last few week. So much learning and fun going on. We finished the models of the lungs in science and we started learning about the heart. We had 2 zooms. One with our Taoiseach and one with the fabulous author David Wallaims. In art we created Starbucks and some lovely silhouettes portraits  In PE we have been working on throwing and catching  as well as running games. We received letters from our pencils in 4th class in Arklow and there was great excitement and we loved writing back. In maths we have been working on angles and lines.

4th class have made a great start to their year. We spent time setting up our classroom and routine. What a lovely bunch they are. Looking forward to a fun year.