5th Class

This month we are learning all about Aztecs in History. We learnt that they like to do art and it is an important aspect of their culture. Last week, we designed our own sunstone like the Aztecs. The sunstone was carved from stone and it was used as their calendar for the year. Aztecs also took a lot of pride in their pottery and made we delicate and precious jars and pots that they use in special ceremonies and sacrifices. We are making our own Aztec pots this week using clay. This week we modelled and form the bowl or pots and next week we will decorate and paint them using geometric shapes and patterns. 
For science week, we learn all about living things and how we classify them. We learn about food chains and how producer like grass and plants get consumed and the energy moves from organism to organism. Also for science week, we did a lots of different science experiments. We looked at skittle art and how we can make a rainbow in a cup using skittles, how ice and salt can help us to go ice fishing and how dish soap can effect food colouring. We also got to try make a storm in a cup, lava lamps and snow fluff. We had a great time trying all these things out. We also learnt that we need to follow directions very careful when doing science experiments because sometime if we rush or don’t follow directions properly then the science experiments might not work properly.

For Maths week, we looked at two different maths activities and challenges. First one we looked at was Napier’s bones. Napier’s bones were used for for multiplication and division before the invention of the calculator. It uses rod of numbers and addition to solve a multiplication sum. It was kind of tricky but we enjoyed the challenge. We also tried out Caesar cipher. A instrument with two wheel that was used to make and break secret messages. We tried breaking a making different secret codes for our partners. It was great fun trying to break the different codes. 
In the lead up to the Halloween midterm. We did different Halloween themed activities. We did an English activity where we tried to sell different haunted houses by using our persuasive writing skills. Once we had written out sales pitch, everyone got to try record or make of video of themselves pitching the house. We upload them to Seesaw using the new iPad. It was great fun trying to sell the house and record ourselves. We also had a look at some Halloween poetry. We wrote a Halloween acrostic poem. We got to do it together in pairs and then decorated and illustrated our poems. On Friday we got all dressed up for Trick of Treat for Temple street. There was some excellent costumes and everyone looked amazing. It was amazing to see everyone dress up as different people. 
We have had great fun during PE so far this year and we are enjoying the dry weather of as long as we can. We have learnt a new game called handball. We have had a great time trying to work as a team to score points. We have also been doing the Marathon kids training session everyday .We are enjoying this time outside.

In 5th class we have been very busy doing lots of art. We have explored drawing with value and looking at shadow and light using charcoal. We spent sometime exploring with charcoal and trying to draw different shapes with charcoal and exploring shadow and light of those shapes. Leading on from this lesson we spoke about Tim Burton’s illustration in movies like the nightmare before Christmas. His illustration are very unique and we decided to try make our own Tim Burton themed portrait.

5th Class took advantage of the lovely weather to do their PE and play some games in the yard. Even Miss Deane joined in playing on one of the teams!
Everyone got some exercise and had great fun!

We have had a busy September in 5th Class. We have had lots of time to get to know each other and have been busy working away. We have spent lots of time doing art in class and getting outside to enjoy the last of the summer sun. Here are a few pictures of the art we have done so far this year. We looked at our goals that we have for 5th class and what we want to achieve this year. We looked at trying to draw and colour own optical illusions. They were tricky to do but I think they all turned out amazing in the end. As a class we are going to be taking part in the Marathon Kids event and we have started our marathon training. We have started off running 600m and 800m every day. Last week we were very lucky to get the opportunity to see an interview with the author  David Walliams. It was really interesting to hear from him and learn about he became an author.