5th Class

Over the last few weeks, 5th class have been doing the Junior Achiever programme. We have a local volunteer Miriam comes into school and takes us through different lesson to get us thinking about different things. The theme of the programme is Our World and we ate working on the topic of STEAM which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. Each lesson has been a different theme. We had spent time building bridges and trying to stay within a budget as civil engineers. We developed different paper models for mobile apps that we would like to create . We have had a great time doing these lessons and activities and has helped us to think in a variety of different ways. We can’t for our next lesson with Miriam.

On the 31st of May we had our 1st school tour in 3 years and we went with 4 class to Clara Lara in County Wicklow. We had an amazing day there. Our 1st school tour in 3 years was amazing, there was so many different activities. There was so many different activities to do such as such as kayaking, boats and a water slide. We got completely soaked several times but had a fantastic day trying all the different activities.

In the month of May we got our senior infant bodies. This is fantastic opportunity to get to know some of the kids in Senior Infants. On our 1st day we brought some of our favorite books and did some reading with them. We also chatted with them and got to know them a little better. Another day we went and did some PE, where we had hoops, skipping ropes and bean bags and we got to play outside. We have a few more activities planned with Senior Infants in the next couple of days before the end of school including a teddy bear picnic and a mini sports day. We have enjoyed having Senior Infant buddies and we look forward to meeting our new Junior Infant buddies next year.

Clay project. In art we have spent a few weeks creating some Eygptian Canopic jars. We first of all have to paper mache a pringles tin and then we got to make a clay head to go on top. We had a choice between a baboon head, Eagle head, human head or a jackel. Once finished drying we will paint each part and but them together to make our Canopic jar.

5th class were very lucky to be invited to a GAA blitz in in Broombridge 4G pitch. We had an excellent day with lovely weather and everyone had a great day playing against 2 other schools. We had a girls team and a boys team playing in each blitz and we got to play 3 games each. The the kids had a fantastic day and worked really hard. Thank you to Mr. Whitehead for organising the blitz and thinking of us to complete in the blitz.

5th class were getting active 😃

We have had a busy week back after the Easter holidays. To start the week, we spent a lot of time researching our local area as part of the Leave No Trace Project that we were apart of. First of all, we brainstormed all for the important things that we have around our local area. Once we had this, we then started to research the different things. We looked at the Phoneix Park and the main historical monuments that you find there. We looked at Aras an Uachtaran and some the facts related to that. We research the River Liffey, sports clubs near us, our school, the church and also some local places to eat while in Castleknock. After all the research we did, we made posters displaying everything we learnt. On Wednesday we had the final workshop with Martina from Leave No Trace. We had a great time chatting and learning about the seven principles of Leave No Trace. It was a great day and we are very grateful to be included in this new exciting project that Leave No Trace are setting up. 

In Irish, we have started the topic of An Scoil. We have been learning about the different things we have in the classroom and as part of the lesson, we drew the layout of our classroom using the vocab that we learnt.

Last week we were very lucky to have a visitor in school from a group called Leave No Trace. Martina was speaking about sustainability, littering and hoe long things take to decompose and about wildlife around Ireland. It was a very interest afternoon learning all about this and we are excited to meet her again after Easter and learn more about this topic. 

For the month of April we have been focusing on the writing genre of procedural writing. We focused on writing recipes and writing instructions to games. We really enjoyed this topic and we decided to do some baking using some of the recipes that we have written. On Wednesday we got to make Chocolate Biscuit Cake and Mars Bars Squares. We had great fun making all these and couldn’t wait to try them. As a class we decided to treat our buddies in Senior infants to some treats before the Easter break and delivered some to them on Thursday. We hope everyone enjoyed or baking treats. 

This month we have been focused on the theme of An Aimsir in Gaeilge lessons. We focused on writing a Réamhaisnéis na hAimsire which is a weather forecast. We practiced lots of different phrases that we could use when speaking about the weather and how we tell others what the weather will be like tomorrow and today. At the end of the week we wrote our final Réamhaisnéis na hAimsire and then we recorded our weather forecast using the iPads. 

In science we were learning about electricity. How it works, the properties of electricity and safety around electricity. We had great fun trying to make electricity circuits. We were trying to make buzzers, lights and motor go. Some of the class them used pieces from their school bags to finish the circuit, including water bottles, pens and pencils cases. It was great fun. 

In art, we made some patterned Easter bunnies. We used markers and pencils to draw different patterns over the rabbit. Then we painted the background for our bunny using paint and a sponge. Once dry, we glued on the bunny to our background. Don’t they look amazing. 

We also looked at the Easter story and what happened throughout Holy week, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We made some art based on the Easter scene. We used water colours to create a colourful background. Then using black paint to paint a silhouette of the cross on our background to show the Easter scene.

We have had a very busy week in school after returning after St.Patricks weekend. We have been learning about young history makers and how they impacted history in Ireland and also across the world. We learn about Tutankhamun the boy Pharaoh, Linda Brown and her family who helped change the law in America about segregation in schools and Kevin Barry who was one of the people killed during the war of independence in Ireland when he was executed for killing an English solider. Once we learnt some information about each history maker, we were given the opportunity to do some more research on one person and ask a group we created a fact filed poster on each young person.  

For art this week we tried some collaborative drawing art. Each student got a quarter piece of a sunflower clipart. The students were asked to enlarge and draw the sunflower by copying the image they had. Once there were happy with their drawing the used pencils or markers to colour in the sunflower. Once finished, four of the drawing were taken and put together to make a whole sunflower. All of the sunflower look amazing. 

With mother’s day coming up this weekend, we spend some time looking at some poems written about mums and mother’s day. We then wrote our own poem about our mums and what they mean to us. We spend some time decorating our poems and we also made some lovely homemade mother’s day card for them.

With the fabulous weather we have had this week, we got to spend some time outside doing our work. On Thursday morning, we spend some time outside while doing our English writing. We are learning all about procedural writing and our goal was to write a recipe for our favourite dish. We worked very hard when we went outside and when we were finished we got to run around for a little while. Let’s hope this amazing weather stay and we can do more activities like this. 

This month we have been learning about World War 1. We learnt about the cause of WW1 and how the soldiers fought in the trenches and what life was like in the trenches. After learning all about the war, we made a WW1 fact file. We spent time creating a booklet about World War 1 or a fact file sheet based on the topic. We also did some charcoal silhouette based on life in the trenches. They all turned out fantastic. 

For Seachtaine na Gaeilge we have had busy few weeks. We had a fantastic day at the Céilí yesterday. We have done lots of different activities including Seanfhocail posters, Scríobh leabhar competition and word hunt. This week we spent a lot of time, writing, draft and publishing our Scríobh Leabhar. we got to work in groups or pairs to write a Irish story. We had a great time working together to come up, plan and write our stories. It took use a few days to write it all but we loved every part of the Scríobh Leabhar competition. Congratulations to the group who won the Scríobh Leabhar Competition with their story An Tíogar Éalú.  As well as that, we learn the national anthem as Gaeilge and we are learning the Ireland’s call as Gaeilge also. 

Just before Seacthaine na Gaeilge started we were learning about Sa Bhaile. We finished off the topic by making our own houses and writing all about where we live. 

We had some fun with watercolour this week. We used some water colour paints to create an amazing inky coloured sky on our winter landscape. First of all we needed to create our mountainous landscape using black fine line pens. We used these pens to help us make a 3d effect in the mountains. Once we finished the mountains we then got to paint the sky using pinks, purple, blue and black watercolours. 

We also used watercolours on our lion dancer art that we did to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We followed a step by step tutorial of how to create the lion dance. Once finished and coloured in, we need to create fireworks in the background. We used crayons to create a firework display in the background and then we use watercolour paints to fill in the sky. when using water colours the water colour does not stick to the the crayons so I made a really cool effect on our paintings. You will have to wait until next week to see the finished product. 

We also learnt about climate zones around the world. We learnt that in Ireland, we are in a temperate climate and in places like the Sahara it is an arid climate. To finish up the lesson we made some fact files that explains the different climate zones in the world.

This month we have been focusing on the theme of éadaí in Gaeilge. We have been discussing the different clothes we wear and how we would describe them. To finish off the topic, we had our own class fashion show. We worked in pairs to write a script that describes what our partner was wearing. We  them held our fashion show on Thursday afternoon. We made a catwalk up the centre of the room and everyone got to strut their stuff down the catwalk while our partner spoke. We all had a fantastic time and it was a great way to finish off the topic. 
Another topic that we have been learning about is  having a growth mindset. We discussed what it means to have a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and how having either one can affect your attitude towards learning. We spoke about how we can change from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. We based our class assembly on this and share our ideas and knowledge on the topic with everyone in school. We learnt that with a growth mindset we achieve amazing things and challenge ourselves to be better and achieve the impossible. 
For art we had great fun trying the tin foil art activity. Using a sheet of tin foil and some felt tip pens we coloured in our tinfoil. Then once we finished colouring, we sprayed some water on the tinfoil. This helped lift the colours off the tinfoil while also helped mix some of the colours together. We then placed some paper on top of the tinfoil and this transferred the colour onto the paper. We left the paper dry and then used black paper to make forest and safari silhouettes on the colourful paper. Does the art look amazing. Another art activity we tried was the extending the picture activity. Each person got to choose a landscape photo. They then took that picture and glued it onto an A4 sheet of white paper. The challenge was to create the rest of the picture  using their imagination and creativity. They first of all Drew what they wanted the picture to look like and then used colouring pencils or markers to colour it in. The pictures created are so imaginative and creative. They all look amazing.

We have had a great week in school. On wednesday we had a big class quiz with  Ms.Caldbeck. We were broken into six teams and had seven round of questions. By the end of the seventh round we had three team tied for first place with 75points each. We had to do a tie breaker round with ended with two teams in first place. In the end, the snow ballers team won the quiz with the closest guess of the distance between cork and Dublin. It was fantastic fun and we all really enjoyed the quiz. We got to see lots of animals on Thursday with Wooly farm. We really enjoyed that and on Friday we had a Panto party with hot chocolate, popcorn and biscuit. It was great fun.

The day of the Late Late Toy Show we made some treat bags. Everyone got a bag with their names on it which they could decorate. In each bag the children got some chocolate and popcorn. We also got to make our own hot chocolate cone. Each student got an empty icing bag. They filled the icing bag with hot chocolate powder and then topped them off with mini marshmallows. To make the hot cholate all we had to do was heat some milk and cut the base of the icing bag and then stir in the hot chocolate powder. 
Last Friday, we started to decorate the classroom for Christmas. We are all looking forward to Christmas and needed some Christmas cheer in the classroom. First of all we made some salt dough Christmas ornament. Each group made some dough using salt, flour and water. Once the dough is made we rolled it out and used Christmas cookie cutters to make the ornament. They are drying at the moment and hopefully next week we will decorate them and add them to our Christmas tree. We also made some Christmas baubles to decorate the windows. We used coloured paper and wrapping paper to make our Christmas baubles. Don’t they look really good on the windows. 
We also made some winter robins art. Don’t they look amazing. We first sketched our robins and once finished sketching, we got to paint our robins.

During November we were learning about the Aztecs. Earlier in the month we made our pots. Once the pots dried fully we got to paint our pots. We used lots of colours to decorate our pots. We also got all our sunstone art finished. Don’t they look amazing on display. Another art activity that we completely included the sun, moon and earth art. Aren’t they amazing!

This month we are learning all about Aztecs in History. We learnt that they like to do art and it is an important aspect of their culture. Last week, we designed our own sunstone like the Aztecs. The sunstone was carved from stone and it was used as their calendar for the year. Aztecs also took a lot of pride in their pottery and made we delicate and precious jars and pots that they use in special ceremonies and sacrifices. We are making our own Aztec pots this week using clay. This week we modelled and form the bowl or pots and next week we will decorate and paint them using geometric shapes and patterns. 
For science week, we learn all about living things and how we classify them. We learn about food chains and how producer like grass and plants get consumed and the energy moves from organism to organism. Also for science week, we did a lots of different science experiments. We looked at skittle art and how we can make a rainbow in a cup using skittles, how ice and salt can help us to go ice fishing and how dish soap can effect food colouring. We also got to try make a storm in a cup, lava lamps and snow fluff. We had a great time trying all these things out. We also learnt that we need to follow directions very careful when doing science experiments because sometime if we rush or don’t follow directions properly then the science experiments might not work properly.

For Maths week, we looked at two different maths activities and challenges. First one we looked at was Napier’s bones. Napier’s bones were used for for multiplication and division before the invention of the calculator. It uses rod of numbers and addition to solve a multiplication sum. It was kind of tricky but we enjoyed the challenge. We also tried out Caesar cipher. A instrument with two wheel that was used to make and break secret messages. We tried breaking a making different secret codes for our partners. It was great fun trying to break the different codes. 
In the lead up to the Halloween midterm. We did different Halloween themed activities. We did an English activity where we tried to sell different haunted houses by using our persuasive writing skills. Once we had written out sales pitch, everyone got to try record or make of video of themselves pitching the house. We upload them to Seesaw using the new iPad. It was great fun trying to sell the house and record ourselves. We also had a look at some Halloween poetry. We wrote a Halloween acrostic poem. We got to do it together in pairs and then decorated and illustrated our poems. On Friday we got all dressed up for Trick of Treat for Temple street. There was some excellent costumes and everyone looked amazing. It was amazing to see everyone dress up as different people. 
We have had great fun during PE so far this year and we are enjoying the dry weather of as long as we can. We have learnt a new game called handball. We have had a great time trying to work as a team to score points. We have also been doing the Marathon kids training session everyday .We are enjoying this time outside.

In 5th class we have been very busy doing lots of art. We have explored drawing with value and looking at shadow and light using charcoal. We spent sometime exploring with charcoal and trying to draw different shapes with charcoal and exploring shadow and light of those shapes. Leading on from this lesson we spoke about Tim Burton’s illustration in movies like the nightmare before Christmas. His illustration are very unique and we decided to try make our own Tim Burton themed portrait.

5th Class took advantage of the lovely weather to do their PE and play some games in the yard. Even Miss Deane joined in playing on one of the teams!
Everyone got some exercise and had great fun!

We have had a busy September in 5th Class. We have had lots of time to get to know each other and have been busy working away. We have spent lots of time doing art in class and getting outside to enjoy the last of the summer sun. Here are a few pictures of the art we have done so far this year. We looked at our goals that we have for 5th class and what we want to achieve this year. We looked at trying to draw and colour own optical illusions. They were tricky to do but I think they all turned out amazing in the end. As a class we are going to be taking part in the Marathon Kids event and we have started our marathon training. We have started off running 600m and 800m every day. Last week we were very lucky to get the opportunity to see an interview with the author  David Walliams. It was really interesting to hear from him and learn about he became an author.