5th Class

5th class had great fun out on the green. There were races, laps and lots of laughter and smiles!

Some great fun in 5th class. Printing, a visit from the fire brigade, rounders and some interesting science experiments. 

Great to be back after Easter. Lots of lovely interesting work planned  for the term ahead. We started to read the novel Wild flower Girl which follows on from Under the Hawthorn tree which we read before Christmas. We started The Stay Safe Programme and looked at feelings. We also had a very interesting and informative workshop on Internet safety. It was excellent and provoked lots of discussion. We also drew some still life images of our shoes.

The excitement for Christmas is building. We completed some christmas art. It looks amazing. We are studying the famine in history and we finished reading the novel Under the Hawthorn tree which is a historical novel based on the Irish Famine. We did some drama techniques of hot seating, thought tracking and conscience alley based on the characters in the novel. We raised an active flag with 6th class this week and we joined for some outdoor activities with our 5th class pals.