5th Class

This week we were practising five finger breathing before we start our day. In science we have been looking at light and the eye so today made colour spinners to experiment with how our eyes see colours when it spins fast.

Hi 5th Class. I can’t wait to see you all tomorrow. I have missed classroom teaching so much over the last few months so I am super excited to be able to be back in the classroom (and not have to teach my own kids!) I know everything will be strange and different but are in this together and we will have a great year. I may at times be wearing a mask or a visor or sometimes both. I know it is something we are all getting used to but it’s so important to help keep us safe. I also know you might feel worried about coming back to school and that’s perfectly normal. We will talk lots about that, keeping safe and managing the new normal. As always I am here to help you and guide you through it all so if I can help you at all please ask. So get a great nights sleep and I will see you all tomorrow. Misss Leopold