6th Class

We had a very productive week. Six class had a zoom with Clare Daly the MEP. She was blown away with their knowledge. We painted our lovely pumpkins this week and designed our goodie bags for our treats. In History we were learning about the ‘Native Americans’. We all really enjoyed playing ‘Minecraft Educational’ on the iPads. We completed all our Halloween assessment, a massive well done to all the pupils. They have been working very hard. It was also ‘Maths Week’ this week so the pupils completed a Maths Trail outside, they created acrostic poems for Maths Week and they created tricky problems in pairs. I hope you all have a lovely break. Oíche Shamhna daoibh go léir🎃

We had another busy week this week. We had great fun carving pumpkins. 6th class finished their beautiful extension pictures. In Art this week we started making our pumpkin lanterns out of clay. In P.E we moved onto to working on our football skills and really enjoyed playing mini football games. We are now up to running 1400m a day. In Gaeilge this week we continued to work on our oral Irish and looked at writing recipes as Gaeilge. We wrote a recipe for a fruit salad as Gaeilge. In Maths this week we were working on lines and angles. We went outside and used the iPads to look at lines and angles in the environment using our ‘Maths Eyes’. The children then created maths questions based on the pictures they took. They also worked in pairs to create a lines and angles poster. In SPHE we discussed and watched a video clip about Halloween safety. The children then created beautiful Halloween safety posters.

In 6th Class this week we have been very busy. We have been working on completing our Irish projects ‘Mé Féin’. I can’t wait to look at them all, they look fantastic, and a huge amount of effort was put into them all. Maith sibh rang a Sé! We have also been working on our oral Irish, designing Biachláir difriúla agus ag féachaint ar agus caint faoi bhia sláintiúil. Bhí an rang go léir ag féachaint ar briathra difriúla agus cé mhéad siolla atá i ngach briathra. They were dividing verbs in Irish based on how many syllables are in them, to learn about whether they belong to the Céad Réimniú nó Dara Réimniú. In Geography the children were learning about the different stages of a river. They then used the iPad to research a river of their choice and completed a fact rile on that river. In Science we have been looking at thermal energy and had great fun completing experiments about how food colouring reacts differently when placed in cold water and hot water. Each group also had to create an insulated glass. We will be carrying out further investigations on Monday. In English we have been looking at procedural writing and in pairs the children created a starter, main course and dessert for our ‘Come Dine with Me’ competition. The children will be presenting their menus to the class next week and they we will find out who created the winning menu 😊

This week in 6th class we finished off our short stories in English. I am really looking forward to reading these over the weekend. In Geography we started learning about Rivers. We have been learning about the importance of healthy eating and exercise in Science. We have also just completed our second week of Marathon for Kids and we are now running a 1000m per day. In Art this week 6th class created eye capturing colour wheel eyes. We have now completed all the topics we need for our Irish project, I can’t wait to see all their projects next week. We have been working on Data in Maths and completed two surveys on the different modes of transport in Castleknock, we completed one survey on Monday and the other one on Thursday. The children then used multiple bar graphs to record their findings.

I am so incredibly proud of 6th class this week, 6th class put a very special assembly together for Cannon Houston. We are unable to sing because of Covid, so the children learnt the sign language to the song ‘True Colours’. Please see the amazing video below. In Maths this week we started working on Data and drawing different types of graphs. We have spent a lot of time working on our final drafts of our short stories. I am really looking forward to reading them all. In Irish we have started working on our ‘Mé Féin’ project. On Monday we had the opportunity to attend an interview with David Walliams, one of our favourite authors. We also started our eight-week programme to complete a marathon with MarathonKids, the children are really enjoying getting out and completing their laps every day. We are also still working on developing our throwing, catching, running and skipping skills during our Athletic P.E. lessons. Well done, Rang a Sé! Another super week full of hard work 😊  

We had another very busy week in 6th class. We started off the week by attending a zoom interview with Micheál Martin to learn more about our Taoiseach, he gave us a detailed insight into his life. On Monday we also discussed 9/11 and the children wrote fantastic recount newspaper articles based on the events of 9/11. In P.E. this week we moved onto working on the athletics’ strand, we worked on developing our running, throwing and skipping skills. In Art we finished off our ‘Looking out the Window’ drawings, we also started constructing our family photo albums. On Wednesday we attended a zoom with Shane Casey, he thought us how to write short stories using nature as an inspiration. We have our first draft completed, I am really looking forward to reading the final drafts. Our iPads arrived this week, so sixth class used them to complete research on The Burren. We look forward to another fun packed week next week 😊

6th class had another very busy week. We really enjoy learning about Malala Yousafzai in English. The children wrote amazing newspaper articles about her and then we recreated scenes from her life story in Drama. Tá rang a sé ag obair go dian ar a chuid Gaeilge, bhíeamar ag foghlaim faoin gcorp, uimhreacha pearsanta agus an aidiacht shealbhach an tseachtain seo. In SPHE we were discussing how all families are different, the children created a family shield and an acrostic poem based on their family name. The family trees the children created in Art look fabulous, they also created a family tree as Gaeilge. To reward all their hard work, we had an ice-cream while we relaxed in the sun. Keep up the super work rang a sé 😊

6th Class had a very busy, first week and a half. They are all delighted to be back together as one big class, and we look forward to making this a great last year in CNS for all of the pupils. Over the past week and a half, we have been working really hard on our oral Irish and Irish grammar. 6th class had a great time in P.E. developing their rugby skills. They were hard at work learning about ‘The Immune System’ in Science and ‘The Celts’ in History. They learnt how to write their name using the Celtic ogham alphabet. 6th class enjoyed working in pairs to create a brochure all about the immune system. We were also discussing family trees and each child researched their family tree and created a beautiful painting in Art. In English we have been focusing on recount writing and the children chose an outstanding animal to research, learn and write about.

I have been blown away with how hard all the pupils in 6th class have been working. I am really looking forward to all the learning, adventures, and experiences we will have together over the next year.

Maith sibh Rang a Sé!

Mrs. McMurdock 🙂