Junior Infants

We have had an amazing few weeks in Junior Infants! They have all been working so hard and having lots of fun.

For Maths Week we were making different patterns with cones in PE…check out the Maths Week tab for the photos!

We were also looking at height in Maths and we built some tall towers with cubes.

We had the IPads again and we did lots of lovely drawings with them.

Our Aistear was a bit spooky and we were pretending to be witches, ghosts, vampires, and zombies! We were making some Halloween cats and there were spiders taking over our dolls house!

We scooped out the inside of pumpkins…it’s was a bit messy! But we had lots of fun doing it. We then had faces carved. We lit the pumpkins in the dark which was very exciting!

Happy Halloween everyone and have a lovely week off 🎃

This week was Maths Week and Junior Infants were working on patterns. We used cones to make some coloured patterns in PE.

We have had a very busy few weeks in Junior Infants! We started Aistear, our theme has been ‘the home’. In our groups we have been able to do role-play, play dough, art, construction and small world. It has been lots of fun and we have loved trying all of the different stations. We have also been working hard on our fine motor skills. We were sorting pasta, doing leg boards, threading beads and making jigsaws.

We have had a very busy week in Junior Infants! We brought some of our toys outside to play with. In maths we were doing sorting activities. We had to sort out toys into different colours and different sizes.