Junior Infants

‘Another busy week in Junior Infants! We did an experiment to turn the white flowers blue with food colouring. We had a picnic outside for lunch to enjoy the sunshine! In Aistear we had a birthday party in the role play corner! In construction we were designing and building bouncy castles. In art we made puppets and did some painting. We were also working on our letter formation.’

‘We have been really busy in Junior Infants this week! In English we have been working on the letter j and looking at the different characters in The Gruffalo. In Maths we were working on last and first. We played a games where we had to run from last place in the line to first as fast as we could! Today we had lots of fun tasting different foods. We tasted something that was bitter (lemon), salty (Tuc cracker), sour (sour Skittles) and sweet (Jelly Babies). We all really liked the Jelly Babies but we weren’t so sure about the lemon!

Junior Infants were learning about 2D shapes. We made rockets from squares, circles, rectangles and triangles. Then we did a countdown and blasted them into space!

Junior Infants started Aistear this week!
Junior Infants were working on the letter ‘s’ and they made snakes in art this week!