Senior Infants

We have had another busy week in Senior Infants again this week. In GAA and P.E. we have been focusing on the skills of kicking from the hand and chest passing. We played lots of fun games and had great fun.

In Aistear, Senior Infants we’re very busy making signs for the campsite! Lots of campsites, tents and treehouses were constructed and made using Lego and play doh. 

In English we have been learning about punctuation and did great question mark spotting when reading our favourite books! 

We are still looking after our eggs very carefully and are patiently waiting for some chickens to hatch 🤞🏻

There was great excitement in Senior Infants this week as we put our eggs into the incubator for hatching!! We are all so excited to look after the eggs and hopefully see some chickens hatch in a few weeks!

It was Active Week in school this week so Senior Infants we’re busy keeping active and moving! We did lots of active breaks inside and also got outside to practise our kicking skills and join in a whole school workout which was great fun! This months Aistear theme is the campsite so we have been busy in all the Aistear areas making and creating lots of wonderful things that we might find in a campsite!

It has been a busy first week back after the Easter break. Everybody has been so excited sharing their Easter stories and catching up with everybody. 

We were learning all about the solar system and space this week. We painted solar systems in art using water colours. Lots of children also made aliens, satellites, space stations, rocket launchers and much much more during Aistear.

In maths we have been learning all about the number 10 and all the different ways we can make it using addition and subtraction.

In P.E. we have been working on our kicking skills. We practised dribbling the ball and shooting between two cones.

Senior infants have been doing great work this week and are very excited for Easter. We began our new Aistear theme of ‘Space’ which has been great fun. We have been making aliens out of play dough, working hard in the space station and constructing our own rockets. We also learned about the first man to walk on the moon!! 

We were very lucky to receive some delicious treats from our buddies in fifth class who baked us some biscuit cake and Mars bar squares! 

We are all very excited about Easter. We had great fun with our Easter egg hunt outside. We were also very creative with our lovely Easter art! Take a look at it below 🤩

It has been an exciting two weeks for Senior Infants. Last week each pupil was kindly gifted a tree from Castleknock Tidy Towns to plant in their garden. Our sunflowers are also making great progress and are ready to go home! 

The children have been learning all about plants including the parts and their functions, along with the lifecycle of a plant. They have enjoyed observing their sunflower plants and telling each other what stage they are at. 

In maths we have been doing lots of work on data and length. While in literacy we have been focusing on capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

What a week it has been in Senior Infants. Seachtain na Gaeilge is in full swing. We have been reading books as Gaeilge every day, made our own books in groups, make seanfhocail posters, went on a word hunt in the yard and had a céilí. We also learned too new Gaeilge songs which have become firm favourites!

We also planted some wildflower seeds with William in the yard. William explained how planting the flowers would help to save our bees and discussed what we have to do to look after the flowers to help them grow. Luckily the children were able to help William with this as they have learned so much in the Garden Centre this month for Aistear.

It is great to have everyone back in school again after midterm. This week marked the beginning of Seachtain na Gaeilge.

Ar an Máirt, bhí Lá Pancóg againn. Bhíomar ag léamh leabhair mhóra gach lá agus ag imirt go leor cluichí. Phioc muid an focal Gaeilge is fearr linn le cur ar bhalla na bhfocal scoile. Bhí an-spraoi ag gach éinne.

This week was also Senior Infants turn for assembly. We shared lots of facts about world book day with the school, while also sharing the titles of our favourite books to read. We talked about how the bible is the best selling book of all time and it includes lots of stories that we are familiar with from hearing at school, home and church.

We have come to the end of another busy week in Senior Infants. On Monday it was Valentine’s Day. The children made beautiful collages using different coloured paper which they brought home to their loved ones.

We also looked at the artist Grant Wood this week and explored how we could use different lines to create lots of different patterns. We then used this to create beautiful farm landscapes. 

Lots of hard work has also been going on in Aistear and we are looking forward to seeing what our next theme will be. 

Well done to everyone in Senior Infants for all your hard work and I hope you enjoy your midterm break! ☺️

We are still on the theme of the vets in Aistear. This week we have learned all about Blue Whales. We also learned about all the different animals on a farm, where milk comes from and the different dairy products that are made from milk. We then worked in groups to make butter by shaking cream in a jar. This was lots of fun and we all got to taste the butter afterwards!

We have been getting ready for Valentine’s Day in art and our paintings were inspired by the famous artist Vadinsky. 

In maths we have been learning all about the number 9 and we have been enjoying lots of games in as Gaeilge to learn about “An Aimsir”.

We were very lucky to have our rugby coach back again on Monday and we also had Scott (a TY student) in our classroom for the week. He very kindly coached a football lesson for the children which they thoroughly enjoyed!

It has been a busy week once again in Senior Infants. We started the theme of ‘The Vets’ in Aistear which everybody is thorough enjoying. We have constructed our own vets, operated on animals, made bandages using play dough and created our own zoos. 

This week was St.Brigids day so we learned about the story of her cloak. We also used different materials such as pegs, paper and lollipop sticks to make St.Brigid’s crosses.

We talked about all the signs of Spring that are all around us and we painted cherry blossom trees in art. We got inspiration from the one right outside our classroom window! 

Maths this week was focused on weight and we really enjoyed getting busy weighing different objects to see which was heaviest. We also used cubes to balance pencils, bananas and rubbers on the scales.

This week is the end of our theme of the Estate Agents in Senior Infants. Some of the children made houses using clay and painted them lovely bright colours. While others sold some very cheap houses in the estate agents!!
We are enjoying having a rugby coach in every Monday and this week we enjoyed playing bull dog and practising our skill of dodging people and side stepping.
We enjoyed predicting and testing what objects were magnetic and which ones were not in Science. We were all surprised to find out the coins and keys were not magnetic.
Senior Infants have been enjoying doing lots of free writing of stories and all kinds of different things in their free writing copies and reading some books if they get their work finished early.

Senior infants are enjoying this month’s theme of houses and homes. In Geography, we learned about all the names for different types of homes and we shared with our friends what type of houses we live in. We also discussed the work of the builder, architect, plumber, carpeted, roofer, painter and brick layer when building a house. We worked together to sequence the many stages of building a house. Judging by the discussions, we have some future builders, architects and carpenters amongst us!!

I’m Science we learned all about different kinds of materials such as plastic, metal, wood, fabric and glass. We used adjectives to describe each material and sorted pictures of everyday items into different groups by cutting and sticking.

I’m art, some children have begun making their houses out of clay! Others have finished painting theirs and they look brilliant 🤩 

The Estate Agents, construction and small world areas have been extremely busy this week! We have had lots of purchases of houses and some children even decided to construct Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower.

We have been learning all about the home as Gaeilge and are enjoying playing all the different games and sporting different items around the room e.g doras, fuinneog, leithreas agus lampa.

In S.P.H.E we learned all about illnesses and how they can spread to germs. We did a little experiment which showed us the importance of washing our hands to stop the spread of germs. We were also lucky to have a rugby coach in with us on Monday and this will continue for the next 5 week.

Senior infants are delighted to be back in school again and have been sharing many stories about how they spent their Christmas. We made some New Year’s resolutions as a class and individually.

The theme for Aistear this month is the Estate Agents. We have been learning all about the different kinds of houses and the questions we might need to ask when buying a house. Some children were also working as architects and builders designing and building a house. 

In Gaeilge, we have been learning all about ‘Sa Bhaile’ especially all the different parts of the house. 

In S.P.H.E we learned about what we can do to help others and created a kindness tree with all our different acts of kindness.

I’m art we created our own town by designing and painting our own 3D houses using cereal boxes.

Senior Infants had a jam packed week with lots of exciting things going on. On Wednesday we recorded our two songs for the virtual Carol service. The children have been working extremely hard on these songs over the past few weeks and did a fantastic job! 

On Thursday we had a farm visit the school which was very exciting. The children got to pet the rabbits, chickens, ducks, llama, sheep, dog and lots more animals. They had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. We also posted Christmas letters/cards home to our families on Thursday. 

On Friday we watched the pantomime “Red Riding Hood” which was brilliant. There were lots of laughs and giggles and shouting at all the characters which was great fun.

Storm Barra meant we had two days off school this week but Senior Infants were busy working hard for the other three days! We have been learning all about 3D shapes in maths and have been spotting them all around the classroom. We have also been learning all about Reindeer and how they have adapted to live in such cold places. We matched pictures to sentences to create a reindeer fact file with our partners.

We read the Jolly Christmas Postman book this week which was a firm favourite with the children. They made lots of predictions and worked in pairs to sequence the story. We’ve also been baking more gingerbread men this week which look delicious! The countdown to Christmas is on!!

Senior infants had a new classmate this week when Twinkle the elf arrived. She has been causing lots of trouble and playing tricks on us all!! This month our theme for Aistear is “Santa’s Workshop”. The children have been having lots of fun pretending to be elves working hard on making toys, wrapping presents and writing letters. Some children even got to make some ginger bread men which looked delicious! We also had an orchestra come and play some Christmas songs on Thursday which Senior Infants really enjoyed! We learned about the instruments in the orchestra and how they are played. 

Senior Infants learned all about Advent this week and make beautiful advent wreaths using oil pastels and watercolours! We took our Irish outside and practised our phrases during P.E e.g. Caith an liathróid, preab an liathróid agus beir an liathróid. We also played a new game called sprouts which seems to be our new favourite! We learned about popular food from different countries and wrote our own menus using a mixture of these lovely dishes. We were all very excited for the Tot Show and decided to design our own Christmas jumpers for Ryan Tubridy to wear.Lots of fun was had again in Aistear and in maths we were learning all about the number 7.

This week was very exciting for Senior Infants for two reasons. We got a new interactive board in our classroom which the children have really enjoyed using to learn their Gaeilge words, sight words and to play maths games on. It was also Senior Infants turn for assembly this week. We based our assembly on the theme of caring for the environment and we gave the classes some great ideas for what they can do. If everybody makes a small change, imagine the difference we can make! The topic for this week in maths was 2D shapes and the children had lots of fun finding shapes in the classroom, playing bingo, board games and making the shapes. We also learned how many sides and corner each shape has. This was integrated into art and we made 2D shape monsters which you might spot in some of the pictures below.Lots of children were busy practicing their writing in the Café this week when they were taking orders and writing their own menus. While others were busy constructing cafés and making food out of play dough. This week in PE the children worked in groups of three to create a small dance and we were also working on the fundamental movement skill of hopping.

Senior infants had a great week for science week! We have been doing lots of experiments such as making lava lamps, growing gummy bears in water and making a rainbow using skittles. We also learned about caring for our environment by recycling and predicted and tested whether certain items would float or sink! In Aistear we have been busy in the café again and some people got to make and decorate cupcakes and bring them home! Well done to everybody in Senior Infants this week!

Senior Infants have settled back in after their midterm break and have been doing wonderful work this week! Our Aistear theme for this month is “The Café” and everybody has loved the different areas so far. In the café, we had waiters and waitresses taking orders, while other children decided to design and write their own menus. There has been lots of cakes and pizzas decorated in the play dough area and café’s being constructed in the construction area. Two of the groups have also been busy baking and decorating cupcakes which they brought home to enjoy! I’m maths we have been learning all about the number six. We used our play dough to make the number, drew six shape monsters and used our whiteboards to show all the different ways that we can make the number 6.PE this week focused on the skill of balancing and everybody really enjoyed creating their own balances for their friends to copy. In Geography, we explored Google Earth to identify and make a list of all the different places near our school that we can get food and the different people that might work there. The children then worked on their own to draw a map which included our local cafés, shops and restaurants. In art we made pictures using the printing technique. We chopped different fruit and vegetable in half and printed them onto paper to make colourful pictures and designs. Today we took our sight words outside and practiced writing them using different coloured chalk. Well done to everybody in Senior Infants this week for all their effort and amazing work!

Senior infants had lots of fun this week as it was maths week and we are on the countdown to Halloween. We were doing lots of fun maths week activities! We played lots of maths games and even had an outdoor maths trail. In science, we did an experiment to see what happened to different ingredients when there were put into water; did they float, dissolve, change colour etc. Then we followed a recipe to make play dough in our groups which we got to bring home! This week was the last week for the Witches’ den in Aistear so the children were busy writing lots of potions, spells and making lots of spooky things at the art, play dough and construction areas. In art we painted ghosts! We cut them up and stuck them onto paper to look like a window. Super work once again this week Senior Infants. Enjoy the week off and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

“Maths week is so fun” was a popular saying in Senior Infants this week! We played lots of maths games such as snakes and ladders, roll and add and picking apples. We also took our maths outside and integrated it into PE where the children figured out which group had the most/least and by how many. They also ordered their bears according to their size. The outdoor maths hunt was also a big hit with the children and they did a super job! Have a look at some of our photos below to see what we got up to! 

Well done to everybody in Senior Infants this week for all their hard work! Everybody was busy in Aistear making haunted houses, witches’ dens, scary pumpkin faces, masks, puppets, potions, spells and so much more. Have a look at some of their amazing work below! This week we continued learning about bats and their lifecycle. Senior infants couldn’t believe that a bat turns into an adult when it is only one year old! The children also interviewed people at home to learn about Halloween in the past and drew wonderful pictures to show what costumes were made of, the games people played and the treats people got when trick or treating. In PE this week we were focusing on running. We will played lots of games and relays.

There was so much excitement in Senior Infants on Monday morning as the children noticed that this month’s Aistear theme is “The Witches’ Den”. Senior Infants have been working hard in each of the different areas to write potions and spells, make ghost traps, zombie rockets, vampire dens, bats, pumpkin faces and so much more. Have a look at our photographs below to see some of their amazing work! In maths we did a lot of work on number formation and patterns using peg boards, our whiteboard markers and lots of other things. As we are approaching Halloween, we have been learning lots of facts about bats for example, where they live, what they eat, their body parts and we even cut some out to hang from the roof. This week in art we made lovely autumn squirrels which are hanging up in our room for all the people passing to see! Well done for another super week Senior Infants.

This week in senior infants we have been learning all about patterns in Maths. The children created their own patterns and described them to their friends. In art we used cotton buds to paint Autumn trees which came out amazing. We were also looking at family trees in History and began to make our own. In Geography we drew maps which show our journey to school from our house. This week was the last week of “The School Office” in Aistear and the children are excited to see what next months theme will be. Well done to everybody in Senior Infants this week for all their hard work!

It has been another busy week in senior infants. The children have been working hard in all the Aistear areas by building schools, pretending to be the school secretary, principal and caretaker and making various school objects out of play dough! Have a look at some of our photos below to see their wonderful creations.This week in English we read the story ‘Zog’ by Julia Donaldson. We learned about making connections and how they help us to understand a story better, we also looked at the character of Zog and used different adjectives to describe him. In art the children used the illustrations from the book to create their own Dragons. This week in Maths we have been focusing on addition and the different ways we can make the number 4 and 5 using lots of hands on activities.

There was a lot of excitement in Senior Infants this week as we started Aistear! Our theme for this month is “The School Office”. The children have been busy pretending to be the school secretary, principal, caretaker and the teacher. While also making schools and playgrounds in construction, small world and play dough! Take a look at our wonderful creations in the pictures below! In P.E. this week we were focusing on walking. We had great fun doing some orienteering!We were busy again in Art this week. Our task was to draw people and design their clothes using different fabric, fibres and materials. They are now on display in the classroom for everybody to see when they are passing our door. Well done to everybody in Senior Infants this week for all of your hard work.

It has been another busy week in Senior Infants! We made the most of the beautiful weather and took some of our learning outside. We explored the yard using our five senses to see what we could discover. We have loved looking at and talking about the autumn treasures that some children have found and brought in to show us including autumn leaves, conkers, pine cones and lots more. This week in art we looked at some of Van Gogh’s famous self portraits and painted our own! I have been very impressed with everybody’s efforts this week, especially in Gaeilge and some children have also been using our new Gaeilge phrases throughout the school day. Keep up the good work Senior Infants!

We have had a busy week in senior infants. We are all delighted to be back to school and we have been working very hard. We have been telling each other all about our summer, revising our sounds and learning about Autumn along with lots of other fun things. Take a look at some of our Autumn drawings and paintings from Art.