Senior Infants

It has been a very busy few weeks in senior infants over the last few weeks. Thank you to the PTA for giving us slushies and ice creams. We all loved them. On the last week of school we had great fun holding the senior infants Olympics where we did lots of different races including relay races, egg and spoon races, javelins throws and lots lots more. To finish off the Olympics we had a big picnic in the park. We were so lucky with the weather and had some fantastic fun playing with our friends and we even got some treats. 
We have had a fantastic year in Senior infants and can’t wait to move onto first class next year. 

This month, we have been learning all about space. We have learnt lots of interesting facts about the sun and the moon. We had a great time making a moon using tinfoil as our paintbrushes and using cling film and paint to mix together the colours to make the sun. In Aistear, we got the opportunity to build a space rocket using the giant building blocks and the Lego. We had great fun in role play, working on the space station, building and fixing the space station and doing lots of experiments in space. We had a fantastic time learning all about space. 
It was active week last week. We had lost of fun cheering on the adults cycling the bikes. We got to play lots of games outside in the sun. It was lots of fun. 
On Wednesday we had the opportunity to see a fire engine and some firefighters. It was really cool. We saw them getting some pipe filled with water to fill up the fire engine and we got to talk to one of the firemen about the different things in the fire engine.

In senior infants we have been having lots of fun getting ready for Christmas. We have been doing lots of Christmas art. On Wednesday we were making santa using cotton wool and paper plate. We learn how to draw rudolph by watching a video and it showed us step by step how to do it.vall our reindeers turned out differently but it they look as good. We have also been sewing some Christmas stockings. We made reindeer stocking, santa stocking and snowman stockings.

We have also had great fun in Aistear where we have been working as some of santa elves to get present designed, made, wrapped and ready for Christmas day.

This week we have been learning all about autumn. We have been learning about the leaves changing colour, animals hibernate during autumn and that it is starting to get colder and the days are getting shorter. I hope your like our autumn trees
What is your favourite thing about being back in school? We have been talking about what we like about being back in school. Some things that were mentioned include seeing our friends, meeting our new teacher, doing art and PE and getting to play with our friends and the toys.