Senior Infants

Senior infants had lots of fun this week as it was maths week and we are on the countdown to Halloween. We were doing lots of fun maths week activities! We played lots of maths games and even had an outdoor maths trail. In science, we did an experiment to see what happened to different ingredients when there were put into water; did they float, dissolve, change colour etc. Then we followed a recipe to make play dough in our groups which we got to bring home! This week was the last week for the Witches’ den in Aistear so the children were busy writing lots of potions, spells and making lots of spooky things at the art, play dough and construction areas. In art we painted ghosts! We cut them up and stuck them onto paper to look like a window. Super work once again this week Senior Infants. Enjoy the week off and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

“Maths week is so fun” was a popular saying in Senior Infants this week! We played lots of maths games such as snakes and ladders, roll and add and picking apples. We also took our maths outside and integrated it into PE where the children figured out which group had the most/least and by how many. They also ordered their bears according to their size. The outdoor maths hunt was also a big hit with the children and they did a super job! Have a look at some of our photos below to see what we got up to! 

Well done to everybody in Senior Infants this week for all their hard work! Everybody was busy in Aistear making haunted houses, witches’ dens, scary pumpkin faces, masks, puppets, potions, spells and so much more. Have a look at some of their amazing work below! This week we continued learning about bats and their lifecycle. Senior infants couldn’t believe that a bat turns into an adult when it is only one year old! The children also interviewed people at home to learn about Halloween in the past and drew wonderful pictures to show what costumes were made of, the games people played and the treats people got when trick or treating. In PE this week we were focusing on running. We will played lots of games and relays.

There was so much excitement in Senior Infants on Monday morning as the children noticed that this month’s Aistear theme is “The Witches’ Den”. Senior Infants have been working hard in each of the different areas to write potions and spells, make ghost traps, zombie rockets, vampire dens, bats, pumpkin faces and so much more. Have a look at our photographs below to see some of their amazing work! In maths we did a lot of work on number formation and patterns using peg boards, our whiteboard markers and lots of other things. As we are approaching Halloween, we have been learning lots of facts about bats for example, where they live, what they eat, their body parts and we even cut some out to hang from the roof. This week in art we made lovely autumn squirrels which are hanging up in our room for all the people passing to see! Well done for another super week Senior Infants.

This week in senior infants we have been learning all about patterns in Maths. The children created their own patterns and described them to their friends. In art we used cotton buds to paint Autumn trees which came out amazing. We were also looking at family trees in History and began to make our own. In Geography we drew maps which show our journey to school from our house. This week was the last week of “The School Office” in Aistear and the children are excited to see what next months theme will be. Well done to everybody in Senior Infants this week for all their hard work!

It has been another busy week in senior infants. The children have been working hard in all the Aistear areas by building schools, pretending to be the school secretary, principal and caretaker and making various school objects out of play dough! Have a look at some of our photos below to see their wonderful creations.This week in English we read the story ‘Zog’ by Julia Donaldson. We learned about making connections and how they help us to understand a story better, we also looked at the character of Zog and used different adjectives to describe him. In art the children used the illustrations from the book to create their own Dragons. This week in Maths we have been focusing on addition and the different ways we can make the number 4 and 5 using lots of hands on activities.

There was a lot of excitement in Senior Infants this week as we started Aistear! Our theme for this month is “The School Office”. The children have been busy pretending to be the school secretary, principal, caretaker and the teacher. While also making schools and playgrounds in construction, small world and play dough! Take a look at our wonderful creations in the pictures below! In P.E. this week we were focusing on walking. We had great fun doing some orienteering!We were busy again in Art this week. Our task was to draw people and design their clothes using different fabric, fibres and materials. They are now on display in the classroom for everybody to see when they are passing our door. Well done to everybody in Senior Infants this week for all of your hard work.

It has been another busy week in Senior Infants! We made the most of the beautiful weather and took some of our learning outside. We explored the yard using our five senses to see what we could discover. We have loved looking at and talking about the autumn treasures that some children have found and brought in to show us including autumn leaves, conkers, pine cones and lots more. This week in art we looked at some of Van Gogh’s famous self portraits and painted our own! I have been very impressed with everybody’s efforts this week, especially in Gaeilge and some children have also been using our new Gaeilge phrases throughout the school day. Keep up the good work Senior Infants!

We have had a busy week in senior infants. We are all delighted to be back to school and we have been working very hard. We have been telling each other all about our summer, revising our sounds and learning about Autumn along with lots of other fun things. Take a look at some of our Autumn drawings and paintings from Art.