Science Week 2022

Science Week 2023

Junior Infants

Science Week was so much fun in Junior Infants! We did lots of experiments.
On Monday we put white flowers into food colouring and watched them turn red.
On Tuesday we covered out hands in Vaseline and put it in water…the Vaseline kept our hands dry! This is like the fur on a polar bear, it doesn’t let the water soak through to their skin.
On Wednesday we tested lots of different objects to see if they would float or sink in the water.
On Thursday we put some raising into fizzy water and watched them dance! They moved around the water with the bubbles.
On Friday we built our own skateboards! We can’t fit on them but our toys can! 😊

Senior Infants

Senior infants had a great week for science week! We have been doing lots of experiments such as making lava lamps, growing gummy bears in water and making a rainbow using skittles. We also learned about caring for our environment by recycling and predicted and tested whether certain items would float or sink!

1st Class

1st class had an explosive science week! Each day we conducted science experiments in the classroom. On Monday, we did a magic milk experiment and made a skittles rainbow. On Tuesday, we changed the colour of white flowers by placing them in a jar of water with food colouring and we soaked jellies in water to see what would happen. They got bigger!!! On Wednesday we made erupting volcanoes in the yard. On Thursday, we watched a balloon inflate by itself and watched pencils go through a bag of water with no leaks. It was great fun. On Friday, it was our turn to do assembly. We talked about all our exciting science week experiments.

2nd Class

3rd Class

3rd class have been really enjoying Science Week. They have been busy learning about bonding, mixtures, reactions and materials. They all made lava lamps individually and they all looked at polymer as a material using pencils in groups.

4th Class

This week was science week. We had great fun doing some fun experiments. We did a fun experiment with skittles. The water dissolves the sugar shell and as the different colours meet they mix creating different colours. Watch our video to see what happened. We also experimented with eggs. They don’t stand until you put salt and then they will! We have an egg in vinegar and we are observing the changes. So far the shell is starting to dissolve.

5th Class

For science week, we learn all about living things and how we classify them. We learn about food chains and how producer like grass and plants get consumed and the energy moves from organism to organism. Also for science week, we did a lots of different science experiments. We looked at skittle art and how we can make a rainbow in a cup using skittles, how ice and salt can help us to go ice fishing and how dish soap can effect food colouring. We also got to try make a storm in a cup, lava lamps and snow fluff. We had a great time trying all these things out. We also learnt that we need to follow directions very careful when doing science experiments because sometime if we rush or don’t follow directions properly then the science experiments might not work properly.

6th Class

This week was ‘Science Week’, the children in 6th class had a great time learning about the human body. The had to reconstruct the human body in groups by putting all the bones and organs in the correct place. We then focused on learning about the heart. We completed two experiments- one experiment, involved testing our pulse and looking at how it changes after exercise and the other experiment consisted of us recreating how the heart pumps blood around the body. After learning all about the heart the children created a brochure or poster to inform people about ‘Heart Health’ and gave them factual information about the heart. 6th class also watched ‘Let’s Talk Science’ with Joanna Donnelly the RTE weather presenter.