Senior Infants

Senior Infants were very lucky this week. On Tuesday, they got to visit second class in their classroom. Second class did a brilliant job of discussing their projects about animals with us and showing them to us. Senior Infants loved being in their classroom for a visit and learning all about their projects.
In P.E. this week, we were focusing on our running and relay races. We had lots of fun in the sun doing jigsaw relays!
Some children have even brought in some presents for the chicks, we have had somebody knit a blanket for them, while two boys from Junior Infants made some jumpers for them. They are very impressive!
In art, we used oil pastels and water colours to create Monet’s “Lily Pad” painting.
We decided to take our lunch outside to eat on Friday for a picnic because the weather was so lovely!

It has been such an exciting two weeks in Senior Infants. Last Wednesday, our chicks hatched! Senior Infants were super excited and decided to name then Sunny and Chipry. I think you can tell how happy they have made us feel by our faces in the pictures!
In P.E. we have been practising our throwing, dribbling and kicking skills which has been fun.
We met up with our buddies this week for Friendship week and made friendship bracelets which we loved.
We have moved onto the theme of the campsite in Aistear, Senior Infants have been loving making signs for the campsite and filling out the booking forms.
In art this week, we made our own mosaics using coloured squares, some of us decided to make patterns, others made pictures and some even created some ‘abstract’ art.
On Friday we had “Lap and Chat” for childline, where we buddied up with second class.

Senior infants have been working really hard on their dribbling and kicking skills in P.E., I am very impressed with their talent and skills! In art, we drew astronauts which look amazing. We were also talking lots about feelings and how our feelings can change from one to another. On Friday, we were very excited to be setting up our chick’s new home as we hope they will be hatching next week 🤞🏻

Active week has been so much fun. We had Yoga, Zumba, Wake up and Shake up, orienteering with our buddies, active homework and active assembly. We enjoyed everything so much and are already excited for Active Week again next year.
In maths, we have been meaurinf the length of different objects again. We used talk pastels to create our own solar systems in art which look incredible!

It has been all go in Senior Infants this week. We have started the theme of Space in Aistear which the children are thoroughly enjoying. We have been learning all about the sun, moon and the solar system. Some children even drew their own solar systems or made them using Lego which was very impressive!
Ms.Stephen’s has been in helping us which is great fun. She talked all about friendship and we wrote our own “Friendship Recipes”. She also made some lovely Rockets using crepe paper with us.
There was great excitement on Monday planting sunflower seeds which have started to grow. There was even more excitement on Tuesday morning when we put some eggs in the incubator so hopefully we will have some chickens hatching in a few weeks 🐥
We have also been doing lots of measuring using cubes, lollipop sticks etc for length in maths. We are really enjoying estimating first and then checking how close our estimate was.

Happy Easter 🐣

What a week it has been in Senior Infants! We have had so much fun working in the Garden Centre during Aistear. The pupils have been working very hard as horticulturists to keep all the plants healthy. We have been learning about the different types spring flowers, what they need to grow, the different parts and functions of the plant and wrote our own reports on the wren! We started Seachtain na Gaeilge on Monday. So far, we have had a word hunt outside as Gaeilge, been reading lots of stories by ourselves and with our buddies, had a céilí and entered lots of competitions. It is so much fun!

We have started the theme of the Garden Centre in Aistear this week! It has been lots of fun and we found it really interesting to learn about deforestation.
We met with our buddies on Thursday for world book day. We brought in our favourite books to show them and made bookmarks. It was so much fun! ☺️

This week was Senior Infants’ turn for assembly which we were very excited about. Our assembly was all about Lent. We learned that lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Thursday. We also learned that it lasts for 40 days and 40 nights because Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights in the desert! Have a look at our video below to see what we are giving/taking up for lent this year.
We were very lucky on Tuesday because we all got some delicious pancakes because it was Pancake Tuesday. A big thank you goes out to all the parents that helped with this.
On Thursday we tried “Play with Someone New” for our break time which was a big hit! We were also very lucky to have some of our buddies from fifth class come and teach us some new playground games. It was so much fun!
In S.P.H.E. we talked all about making friends and how we can be good friends with each other. We made friendship flowers to show how we are good friends.
Senior infants were also very busy being the authors and illustrators of some Gaeilge books which have been sent off to be entered in a competition!

We have been super busy in Senior infants again this week! Have a look at what we’ve been up to! I hope everybody has a great mid-term break ☺️

It has been another very busy week in Senior Infants! We have started “The Vets” in Aistear and made houses using cereal boxes in art! Take a look at all of our wonderful creations ☺️

Take a look at what we’ve been up to in Senior Infants ☺️

It has been all go in Senior Infants since returning back to school after the Christmas holidays. We have started the theme of “The Estate Agents” in Aistear which has been lots of fun. The children have been working in role as Estate Agents, designing and constructing houses and making and painting houses using clay. We learned all about the different types of houses and drew our own house. In maths, we have been busy working on problem solving and addition.

We had another great week in Senior Infants. We had lots of fun playing games in stations, baking ginger bread men and singing Christmas songs. We were baking and decorating some more ginger bread men which were delicious 🤤 On Thursday, we had a very special treat! Wolly’s farm came to school and we got to spend lots of time with all the animals. We also had a great surprise when Ms.Moloney dressed up as a ginger bread man and came to visit us! Everybody made lovely Christmas cards this week in English and as Gaeilge! Well done on a great week Senior Infants!! 🎄

We have been very busy this week in Senior Infants practising hard for the Carol Service on Sunday. We are really enjoying learning all the songs and are super excited to be performing them for everyone!
We started our new Aistear theme of Santa’s workshop this week and it is one of our favourites so far! We have been baking ginger bread men, doing lots of Christmas art, constructing lots of Christmas themed objects and constructing and wrapping toys in the role play area.
Twinkl has been causing some trouble this week.. have a look at the photos to see what she’s been up to!!

It has been another busy week in Senior infants! We had some buddy time with our buddies in fifth class which was lots of fun. Our elf on the shelf ‘Twinkle’ came on Friday! Ms. Clarke is hoping she doesn’t cause much trouble. We also put up our Christmas tree on Friday and did a brilliant job! 🤩

On Monday, senior infants were treated to a science workshop which they thoroughly enjoyed! We made slime and elephant toothpaste. We also learned about electricity and how it travels through our body.
We have been working hard on the number seven in maths this week and have been brainstorming all the different ways we can make it. We have also been learning about 2D shapes and used our knowledge to make shape monsters.
I’m P.E. we have been focusing on jumping and landing.
In Irish, we are continuing to work on the theme of Bia. We played games and wrote our own shopping lists which we read to the class.
We practised composing in music using percussion instruments!

What a fun week it has been in Senior Infants. We were busy doing lots of experiments for ‘Science Week’. We made lava lamps, volcanos, made raisins dance, tested objects using floating and sinking and created rainbows using skittles. The green and yellow group were busy baking and decorating delicious cupcakes in Aistear for our theme of the Café. In construction and small world, Senior infants made lots of cafés and restaurants. Some even had drive through options. We were learning about 2D shapes in maths and did printing using fruit in art.

Our new Aistear theme in Senior Infants is “The Café”. Senior Infants have been having so much fun working in the café. Some groups have been baking and decorating delicious cupcakes which they have enjoyed eating.
This week was Senior Infants turn for assembly. We learned all about caring for the environment and told everybody why we need to care for it and how we can do this. We had lots of fun.

We have had a week packed full of fun things in Senior infants this week! We had P.E. with third class on Tuesday which was lots of fun. Also on Tuesday our Picker Pals pack arrived which was very exciting. We are all looking forward to starting it after mid term to try and help our environment and make it a cleaner and safer place. We made Shapenstein’s in maths using lots of 2D shapes. In literacy, we read the story room on the broom and sequenced it on our own broomsticks! We played Oíche Shamnha bingo in Irish and learned the song ‘Sé Ulcabhán’. Friday was pumpkin carving day and we met with our buddies to play some games together! Well done senior infants on all your hard work and enjoy your midterm!

Maths week in senior infants has been so much fun! We played lots of games like 3 in a row, snakes and ladders and picking apples. On Tuesday, we paired up with our fifth class buddies to work together to complete a maths trail around the school and integrated some maths into our P.E. lesson. We also completed a traffic survey and made our own block charts. Everybody had so much fun!! In Aistear, Senior infants were busy writing lots of spells and making potions in the witches’ den. Senior infants were also going “bob no bia” in small world and were looking for lots of tasty milseáin and uachtar reoite 🍦 In art we made spooky ghosts looking out the windows of hunted houses 👻Take a look at some of our work below ☺️

Maths Week in Senior Infants.

Senior infants have had another busy week and have been working very hard. We are all enjoying having the Witches’ den for our Aistear theme and have been busy writing up lots of spells and potions for our spell book 🧙🏻‍♀️
This week we learned lots of interesting facts about bats and made our own bat lifecycles. We were very surprised to find out that bats turn into adults when they are only one year old!
In art we used autumn colours to paint forest floors. We discussed what types of animals we might find in forests and painted their footprints on top of the leaves. Can you guess which animals were walking on our forest floors?

There was a lot of excitement in senior infants on Monday morning when we saw that our new role play area for Aistear was “The Witch’s Den”. We have had so much fun making potions and writing spells. Senior infants have even made their own spell book. In maths we have been working on time and sequencing the events of our day from when we get up until we go to bed. We have also been working on patterns. In art we painted squirrels and gave them bushy tails using crepe paper. We had so much fun doing some P.E. with our buddies this week. Take a look at all our amazing work!

It has been another brilliant week in Senior Infants! Take a look at what we got up to ☺️