Senior Infants

It has been another brilliant week in Senior Infants! Take a look at what we got up to ☺️

It has been another busy week in Senior Infants. On Monday we started stations. We had lots of fun revising our letter names and sounds using the iPads and playing games. Our Aistear theme is still the school office which senior infants have been thoroughly enjoying. I think we have some future teachers, principals, caretakers and secretary’s among us!!
In history, we learned all about what schools were like long ago. We learned that children had to write lines if they were misbehaving in school and they had a stove in their classroom to keep them warm. We sorted pictures of school into “then and now” and we also looked at how our school building has changed over the years. We all agree that we much prefer school now over school long ago!
On Friday there was great excitement as we finally got to meet our fifth class buddies. They read us some stories and we had time to chat to them so we could begin getting to know them. Senior infants are very excited for the activities we will be doing with our buddies during the year.

Senior infants have been working really hard this week. They have been using their whiteboards to practice writing words and doing sums in maths. In P.E. we did some orienteering and had to find lots of different pictures around the yard. The school office is still our Aistear theme and we have been busy being caretakers, principals, teachers and school secretarys. In Geography we drew a map which showed our journey to school and we celebrated international dot day in art.

Senior infants are having lots of fun in the school office. We have been in role as our school secretary, principal and caretaker and working extremely hard. In art we painted self portraits which are on display in our classroom.

It has been a brilliant first week in Senior Infants. We have enjoyed seeing each other again and talking about our very busy summers! It is great to be back together again.