Junior Infants- Feelings

This morning our assembly was hosted for us by Junior Infants.

They have been learning about feelings this week. They told us what made them feel happy 😃 and what made them feel 😢.

We will all be learning how to express how we feel ‘as Gaeilge’ next week.

We are all going to do something kind and see how that makes people feel….
Each little of kindness can make a big difference!
We are all feeling very proud of our Junior Infants today! Thank you for your wonderful assembly.

3rd Class- Water Safety

This week our assembly was hosted by 3rd Class and the theme was ‘Water Safety.

We all learned about how important it is to take care around water. To look out for the flags which tell us where it is safe to swim.

To make sure we are supervised by an adult and to wear a life-jacket.
3rd class put together a wonderful display!

We are all looking forward to going on school tours and on our summer holidays so we were all happy to be reminded of the need to keep safe!

We sang one of our favourite songs which reminds us of God’s care for us…
At the end of a busy Active Week we are looking forward to a lovely weekend.

4th Class-Inspirational People in History

This week our assembly was hosted by 4th Class. They have been learning about inspirational people in history.
We learned about the lives of Mother Teresa.

And about the life of Martin Luther King Jr. Both worked hard for peace and justice in our world. We learned that even one person can make a difference…

We must all work together to make our homes, our school and our country fair and peaceful places to be…
We sang ‘Make me a channel of your peace’

We are all looking forward to our Bank Holiday weekend!
Thank you Rang a Ceathair for your wonderful assembly.
We will see everyone back in CNS on Tuesday.

6th Class- Easter Around the World

This week our assembly was hosted by 6th Class.

We learned how Easter 🐣 is celebrated in many countries around the world.

We are all looking forward to celebrating Easter 🐣 in our homes with our families in many different ways.
Beannachtaí na Cásca.

5th Class- The Census

This week 5th Class hosted our assembly. We learned about the census and how it works. We will be filling in our forms on Sunday night to find out how many people are in our country.

We will also be putting in some ideas for a time capsule to be read in 100 years time.

We sang one of our favourite songs together.
We are all smiling because it is Friday and we are looking forward to the weekend!

Junior Infants- Animals created by God

This week our assembly was hosted by Junior Infants. They told us all about the wonderful animals that God has created.

They showed us their pictures.

We are looking forward to having another look at them all when they are displayed.

We are expecting to welcome some Ukrainian pupils to our school. Pierce and Paulina are helping us to learn a few words and phrases to help them feel at home.
Thank you Junior Infants for a lovely assembly!
Remember that Sunday is Mother’s Day! Make sure you tell your wonderful Mum how special she is!😃

Seachtain na Gaeilge

This morning our assembly was all about Seachtain na Gaeilge. We have been very busy all week ag éisteacht, ag labhairt, ag léamh agus ag scríobh as Gaeilge!

We had a Céilí in the halla…

We were greeting each other.

We all gathered together outside in the yard to sing…

We put all our favourite words up on the wall  in the entrance.

We held  Seanfhocail and Scríobh Leabhar competition.

It was all such fun.
Elaine painted some beautiful sunflowers- the symbol of Ukraine and we held a raffle. Thank you to everyone who supported this – we raised €1,545.00 for the Irish Red Cross.
Congratulations to our winners Kate & Millie.

Thinking about Ukraine- Senior Assembly

We had a special assembly for senior classes today. We were thinking of the people in Ukraine and all people, especially children who are affected by war, poverty and famine across the world.

The Bible tells us that we should love one another. We should always be kind and try to live as peacemakers. We are all so grateful that we live in a country where there is peace. We are all lucky to have our homes, our friends and our families.

May a resolution be found and May peace return.
Next Friday we will raffle a painting if a sunflower, the symbol of Ukraine to raise funds for the Irish Red Cross who are working to help those in need.

Senior Infants- World Book Day

This week our assembly was hosted by Senior Infants and was all about World Book Day. We heard about favourite books and learned that the Bible is the best- selling book of all time!

1st Class- Random Acts of Kindness

This week our assembly was hosted by 1st Class. It was ‘Random Acts of Kindness Week’ and we learned about how small kind acts can make such a difference to other people. A kind word, a helping hand, even a smile can make someone’s day! We sang ‘What a mighty God we serve’, one of our favourites.
We congratulated Miss Gray on her engagement! What a lovely thing to celebrate as we got our midterm break!
Thanks to 1st class for a wonderful assembly.

2nd Class- Internet Safety

This week our assembly was hosted by 2nd Class and the theme was Internet Safety. We learned about the importance of being careful what we accessed, the need to keep personal information private and to only go online with permission.
Thank you rang a dó and ‘Well done!’ on some excellent reading and artwork.

3rd Class- Friendship

This morning our assembly was taken by 3rd Class. The theme was Friendship and we listened to a story from the Bible about a good friend. We learned about the importance of always being kind. We are going to be kind to ourselves and each other next week too. We will be collecting €2 to send to support the wonderful work done by Special Olympics Ireland.

In Castleknock NS we have assembly every Friday morning. We used to join together in our GP room to sing and pray and celebrate all the good news from the week.
Since COVID we have had to adapt and now we join together every Friday morning via zoom. It is a great way to be together safely whilst staying apart. We even send the code home to anyone who is self isolating and they can join in. Each week classes take a turn to host our assembly. Ms Moloney makes the announcements and gives out awards- Merit Award, Gaeilgeoirí na Seachtaine & Cleanest Classroom. We announce the Birthdays too!

4th Class- St. Brigid

Friday, 28th January. This week 4th Class hosted assembly. The theme was St Brigid.
We learned about St Brigid and her life. We were reminded that our church is named after her. 4th Class made St Brigid’s crosses too. We will have a national holiday on St Brigid’s Day from 2023.
Thank you rang a Ceathair for all your work.