Spring-4th Class

This week our wonderful assembly was hosted by 4th Class.

The theme was Spring and they brought a lot of bright and beautiful artwork with them.

We are all so happy to have longer and brighter days on the way – we are enjoying seeing the bulbs grow and trees begin to bloom.

We were reminded of all the special days in Spring- St Brigid’s Day, St Valentine’s Day, Pancake Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

We listened to some poems and said our prayers.

We sang ‘I’m going to jump up and down’. With all the actions it put a ‘spring’ in our step!
We are all looking forward to the weekend

Forgiveness-5th Class

This week assembly was hosted by 5th Class. The theme was ‘Forgiveness’

We were reminded that we need to be able to forgive and forget.

If we cannot accept an apology and stop dwelling on the thing that has gone wrong, then we cannot move on.

We have to be able to start again ….

If we can work together and work the problem out then we can all be happy.
Our ‘frása’ this week is ‘le do thoil’
We sang ‘our God is a Great  Big God’ one of our favourite – doing the actions helped to warm us up on this frosty morning.
Looking forward to a fun weekend!

Fresh Starts- 6th Class

This week our assembly was presented by 6th Class. It was all about ‘Fresh Starts’

They wished us all a Happy New Year!

We heard all about New Year’s Resolutions – many people start new things or have a fresh start at the beginning of the year.

It is important to remember that sometimes things just go wrong…

Sometimes in school we fall out with our friends or even do something we shouldn’t.
When this happens we must remember that we can say sorry and then make a fresh start.

Things can go wrong but they can also get better!
We were all together in the hall again so we joined together in prayer and then in song. We sang ‘One more step’.
The Awards were distributed and we all sang Happy Birthday 🎂 to everyone who has a birthday this week.
We are all delighted that it is Friday & we hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Back Together

This week we had a very special assembly – we went to the Parish Centre to practice for our Carol Service which takes place on 11th December.

Junior Infants-Is aoibhinn liom Gaeilge

This week our assembly was hosted by our wonderful Junior Infants.

They told us how much they loved learning Irish and shared lots of the words and phrases they have learned in school.
The also did an action rhyme – Rollaí Pollaí.

It was lovely. We enjoyed it all.
This week we were thinking about Kindness.Everwss trying to be kind – we decided that the Kindness Cup would go to Chloë & she will have it in 1st Class for the week.
We will award the cup to someone else next week.

We were all delighted to be at Friday after our busy week.

We plan to see each other tomorrow at the Winter Fair.

1st Class- Science Week

This week our assembly was hosted by 1st Class. It was all about Science Week.

We had such a fun time all week with experiments taking place all over the school and in the yard.

We all agree with this message- Science can be truly magical!

Our frása this week is a reminder to say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’!

We had a great day – 6th class had a ‘Book & Bake’ sale so we had lots of treats..

We are all looking forward to the weekend- next week we will be doing some are for the Winter Fair which is on 26th!

Senior Infants- Caring for the environment

This morning our assembly was presented by Senior Infants.

They taught us what the environment is.

They taught us that God made our world and that we must take great care of it and everything in it.

We must tell our friends and family lots of ways to do this – using paper bags, re-usable bottles, both sides of the paper, turning off taps and lights…

Senior Infants are taking part in ‘Picker Pals’. They are litter picking all over Castleknock- doing their bit for the Tidy Towns Committee!

We must all think of things we can do -even small things…

That way we can keep our environment beautiful!

We sang one of our favorite songs..

We sent lots of Shoeboxes to Team Hope – thank you all who participated.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Moloney- The Gift of Giving

This week our assembly was all about giving…

Every year we support the ‘Shoebox Appeal’.
We fill a shoebox with things for a child in another country – we have to send something to wash with, something to write with or on, something to wear and something to wow

We read a book in class about a bunny that was sent in a shoebox…

We had a Halloween 🎃 Raffle! There were fantastic prizes.

We all dressed up and there will be a video on our website- see if you can recognise everyone? There are a few ‘unusual teachers’🤣

Everyone is looking forward to midterm & a ‘Spooktacular Halloween’🎃

2nd Class- Inclusion

This week Assembly was hosted by 2nd Class – it was all about inclusion.

We learned about how important it is to include everyone…

Thank you so much 2nd Class – your assembly was super! Well done for your lovely artwork & acrostic poem!
Next week we will be having fun for Halloween 🎃
Our raffle winners will be announced on Friday at assembly!

There will be a prize in every class…

Looking forward to a fun week next week!

4th Class- GOAL Jersey Day

4th class hosted our assembly this week. 14th October is Goal Jersey Day

The motto for Jersey Day is ‘Wear, Care, Share’. We all wore our favourite Jerseys and brought in €2 each for Goal.

Goal helps to support people who live in poverty in countries where they do not have all the things we have here in Ireland.

All over the country people are wearing their jerseys and supporting Goal.

Our Frása this week is ‘Tá sé fuar’. We are not as we are wearing our jerseys!🤣

We wish everyone a Happy Friday and a great weekend. Thank you to Rang a ceathair- we have raised €366.40 for Goal. Well done everyone!

Rev. Colin- Food and Harvest

This week Rev Colin took assembly – it was about food and harvest.

We are s lucky that we all have such a lot of lovely foods to eat.

We should all be grateful for the farmers who grow crops and gather the harvest.

We also need to remember that everything we have was created by God.

We celebrate Harvest every year in church too.

We were all delighted that it was Friday and that we could go and enjoy our weekend! Many thanks to Rev Colin for his great assembly – we thank him for reminding us to be grateful for all the good things we enjoy!

3rd Class- Teamwork

This week 3rd Class presented their assembly- the theme was Teamwork.

We learned that when everyone works together we can achieve almost anything.

School is a great place for working together and helping each other.

Today was very wet so we had the opportunity to use our new frása…

We sang ‘I’m gonna jump up and down’. It was fun – Rev Colin helped out with the actions.

3rd class worked as a team to write a poem all about our school. They performed it for everyone.
It was so good that we had to record it and we will upload it to the website so that we can all enjoy it.

We are all looking forward to a great weekend

Junior Infants

This week our assembly was hosted by our new Junior Infants.

Our new infants introduced themselves to everyone in school. It was wonderful to see them and hear them tell us their names. It was SO good we had to hear them twice!

We said a prayer and sang a song.

We are all looking forward to the weekend and to seeing each other back in CNS next week.

Welcome Back

We are all delighted to be back at school after the summer break.

Our first assembly of the year was one of welcome. We welcomed all the new pupils to our school and we hope they will be happy with us.

0ur frása this week is ‘Cé tusa?’. We will be using it as we learn all the new names.

We then watched a video and met all the school staff- we also met Rev Colin who joined us for our assembly.

He read a story from the Bible called ‘The Good Samaritan’. This is about being a good and kind friend to everyone.

To finish we sang one of our favourite songs – My Lighthouse!
Ms Moloney announced all the awards and wished everyone a Happy Friday and a Lovely Weekend.