History of Castleknock N.S.

The present day school is the successor of one of the oldest national schools in Ireland. The original school was endowed, built and opened in 1720. It is quite likely that then it would have been not much more than a hut type structure standing on the lawn adjacent to the present day parish centre. It was then called the Castleknock Endowed School.


In 1962 a new school building was dedicated at a special Service. by the Most Rev. G.O. Simms, Archbishop of Dublin. It was then opened by the deputy Chief Inspector of the Department of Education Mr. D. O’ hUallachain.


The school had accommodation for 64 pupils in two classrooms and was provided with all modern amenities: a playing field and concrete play place, play shelter, toilets, cloakroom accommodation and a water tower.


Today the school is serving the needs of an ever-growing and developing community. There are approximately 208 children. The latest computer technology is available in the school and the Parents’ Association works untiringly to raise funds for the school and provide extra activities for the children.