Fifth Class have been working hard completing many different STEM activities this year, from creating colour spinners to exploding volcanos. The children really enjoy the opportunity it gives them to experiment and problem solve. Third Class made shadow puppets to create scenes as part of a STEM programme activity. They changed their puppet to makeContinue reading “STEM”

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement 3rd Class 3rd class have really enjoyed doing Junior Achievement. They have learned about business zones, advertising and banks. They designed a poster for advertising a restaurant called ‘Veggie Delights’. Junior Achievement 4th Class Our class did a Junior Achievement programme. Our volunteer was called Martin Kelly. The programme that we did isContinue reading “Junior Achievement”

CNS Story Competition 2020

Castleknock National School poem Lily McDonagh Ella Melbourne story – Alien invasion at Castleknock National School Juliet Gargan- The Crystals Tales From Thy Book Of Irish Pride – Conor Laidler The Christmas Secret at Castleknock National School- Juliet Hutchinson Thomas McDonagh CNS poem Adam Lampart – The Woods Alvah Alfa- THE STORY OF CASTLEKNOCK NATIONALContinue reading “CNS Story Competition 2020”

Short Story Competition

Second Chance by Mimi Leatham An Axe by Aditi Kadam Forest Trap By A.K Joshika The Aftermath by Conor Laidler Ben’s Big Holiday by Charlotte Cooper Super Snail by Robyn Connolly The Birthday Murder by Irina Andreeva The 12 Animals by Niu Niu Kong Supercoot by Eleni Limond The Seire by Odhran Biddlecombe Shadow KnightsContinue reading “Short Story Competition”


CNS Story Competition 2020 Short Story Competition

Frása na Seachtaine

Ag imirt bob nó bia (22/10/21) Ar mhaith leat….? (15/10/21) Tá ocras orm. (8/10/21) Tá brón orm. (1/10/21) Conas atá tú? (24/9/21) Slán go fóill (17/9/21) Go raibh maith agat (10/9/21)