Cleanest Classroom

We try to keep our school looking bright and clean. We keep our book boxes and desks tidy and we are constantly sanitising. Our cleaner Liz works hard and every week the ‘Cleanest Classroom Award’ is announced at assembly.

The Winning Classroom

Senior Infants and 3rd Class (27/1/23)

4th and 5th Class (20/1/23)

Junior Infants and 1st Class (13/1/23)

4th and 5th Class (16/12/22)

Senior Infants and 1st Class (2/12/22)

Ms. Furney and 5th Class (25/11/22)

Junior infants and 4th Class (18/11/22)

1st Class and 5th Class (11/11/22)

4th Class and 6th Class (28/10/22)

Junior Infants and 1st Class-21/10/22

2nd Class and Senior Infants- 14/10/22

3rd and 5th Class- 7/10/22

Senior Infants and 1st Class- 30/9/22

4th Class- 23/9/22

5th Class- 16/9/22

Junior Infants- 9/9/22

Everyone 😃- 2/9/22