6th Class

We had a very productive week. Six class had a zoom with Clare Daly the MEP. She was blown away with their knowledge. We painted our lovely pumpkins this week and designed our goodie bags for our treats. In History we were learning about the ‘Native Americans’. We all really enjoyed playing ‘Minecraft Educational’ onContinue reading “6th Class”

4th Class

4th class completed a traffic survey for ‘Maths Week’. Another week of great work. We were working on fractions in maths, bia in Gaeilge and we are nearly finished our novel Matilda. We made pencil toppers from wool and we watched a tutorial on how to create some ghost pictures for Halloween. We had anotherContinue reading “4th Class”

2nd Class

Spooky Fun in 2nd Class!! A spooky group of children arrived on the doorstep of 2nd Class on Friday 22nd October. There were costumes ranging from dead brides, to dinosaurs, to Harry Potter characters and all the in-between. I would like to thank everyone for their hard work over the last few weeks in theContinue reading “2nd Class”

Junior Infants

We have had an amazing few weeks in Junior Infants! They have all been working so hard and having lots of fun. For Maths Week we were making different patterns with cones in PE…check out the Maths Week tab for the photos! We were also looking at height in Maths and we built some tallContinue reading “Junior Infants”

5th Class

For Maths week, we looked at two different maths activities and challenges. First one we looked at was Napier’s bones. Napier’s bones were used for for multiplication and division before the invention of the calculator. It uses rod of numbers and addition to solve a multiplication sum. It was kind of tricky but we enjoyedContinue reading “5th Class”

3rd Class

This week was Maths week. The children learned about different types of graphs like pictograms, bar charts and block graphs. They worked in groups to choose a category, ask people questions and design and present their graph. 3rd class were learning about lines and angles. They learnt about parallel and diagonal lines and acute, obtuseContinue reading “3rd Class”

1st Class

We had great fun in 1st class this week. On Wednesday we used the iPads for the first time which was very exciting. We played a game to practice our tables and drew some pictures. We made mini toilet roll holder bats and 3D pumpkins for our Halloween art. On Thursday, we made some tastyContinue reading “1st Class”

Senior Infants

Senior infants had lots of fun this week as it was maths week and we are on the countdown to Halloween. We were doing lots of fun maths week activities! We played lots of maths games and even had an outdoor maths trail. In science, we did an experiment to see what happened to differentContinue reading “Senior Infants”