4th/5th Class

4th/5th Class gained a comprehensive insight into the life of a famous artist this week. We explored the life of Wassily Kandinsky. We learned that he was an abstract painter who loved to use colour, lines and shapes to express his feelings. We learned about ‘Concentric Circles’ and used crayons to create our own versionsContinue reading “4th/5th Class”

6th Class

 6th class had a very busy week, they were taking part in Active Week, working on creating 3D Shapes in maths, working on their Art projects and completing a Chromatography experiment as part of their Junior Achievement lessons. 6th Class took part in ‘Cycle for CNS’ today. The results of the winners will be announcedContinue reading “6th Class”

4th Class

‘Check out these photos from Fourth Class this week. We reached our target number of ‘dojo points’ and earned a class party on Thursday. We had lots of fun being active this week for ‘Active Week’ too. We are focusing on sentence structure in Irish and making lots of ‘abairtí iontacha’. We completed our third session ofContinue reading “4th Class”

2nd Class

Clay Second Class had a blast with clay this week. Have a look at our wonderful creations!

Junior Infants

‘Another busy week in Junior Infants! We did an experiment to turn the white flowers blue with food colouring. We had a picnic outside for lunch to enjoy the sunshine! In Aistear we had a birthday party in the role play corner! In construction we were designing and building bouncy castles. In art we made puppets and did some painting. WeContinue reading “Junior Infants”

5th Class

Great to be back after Easter. Lots of lovely interesting work planned  for the term ahead. We started to read the novel Wild flower Girl which follows on from Under the Hawthorn tree which we read before Christmas. We started The Stay Safe Programme and looked at feelings. We also had a very interesting andContinue reading “5th Class”

3rd Class

3rd class were busy having fun working in groups to measure the different amounts of liquids using millilitres and litres. They had to estimate and then work out the actual measurement of each container. 3rd class have been learning about swifts that are coming to Ireland. They created pictures welcoming the swifts and the swiftsContinue reading “3rd Class”

1st Class

” April Showers Bring May Flowers “ First class had great fun learning all about floating and sinking. Ms Culbert challenged the class to design and make a tinfoil boat to hold as many marbles as possible. We had great fun testing them out on the yard. First class did some lovely Halloween silhouettes thisContinue reading “1st Class”

Senior Infants

This month, we have been learning all about space. We have learnt lots of interesting facts about the sun and the moon. We had a great time making a moon using tinfoil as our paintbrushes and using cling film and paint to mix together the colours to make the sun. In Aistear, we got the opportunityContinue reading “Senior Infants”