Information for Parents

A Parish School

All pupils are expected to participate fully in the life of the school. While the school is under Church of Ireland management, the Board and Staff are of course sensitive also to other tradition and cultures. Children are however, expected to participate in School Worship Services (one before Christmas and one at the end of the school year). The programme for Religious Instruction (a broadly Christian and Bible-based scheme) devised by the Church of Ireland is implemented in the school. Again, all children are expected to participate in this programme.


In Castleknock National School we follow the National Curriculum as laid down by the department of Education and Skills. For further details go to


Please send healthy lunches to school. Chewing gum and glass bottles are not allowed. Lunches should be kept separate from schoolbooks.

Books and Belongings

Children are encouraged to take care of their books and belongings. Covers protect the books and prolong their life. All books and belongings (e.g. coats, pencils, ruler’s etc.) should be clearly named.


All children will be responsible for taking home information that is sent out by the school. Please search school bags for communications, letters etc. Read and record pertinent information. We usually send notes with the eldest child of each family unless requested otherwise.

Information Changes

Please notify the school immediately of any information changes – address, telephone number, daytime contact number etc.

Parent/Teacher Contact

Parents play a vital role in the education of their children. They are encouraged to communicate regularly with the teachers regarding their child’s education, progress and well being. This may be done by appointment either before or after school. Continued contact is encouraged particularly if there is any matter, which may be a cause of concern. Initial contact regarding a matter of concern should be with the class teacher. If it is not resolved at this stage parents should only then contact the principal. Formal parent teacher meetings are organised for November. It is very important that parents attend these meetings.

If you need to speak to a teacher you must make an appointment through the office. Please do not speak to teachers about important matters before school. If you need to let the teacher know something please write a note.

Parents/ Adults/ Visitors are not allowed to go to the classrooms at any time without an appointment. Please enter the school by the front door and report to the office.

There are coded locks on all the doors. This is in the interest of safety of all the children. Please respect this by ringing the bell on the front door to gain access. 


Homework is viewed as an extension and reinforcement of work that the children do at school. It is an opportunity for parents to become involved in their children’s work, and also enables them to be aware of the type of activity being done at school. Homework is set every day except Friday. A mixture of written, oral and memory work is given. The following is a rough guideline of the amount of time that should be spent on homework:
Infants 15 minutes
1st & 2nd 20 – 30 minutes
3rd & 4th 30 – 45 minutes
5th & 6th 45 – 60 minutes

If for any reason a child is unable to complete homework a note must be sent to this effect.

Parents’ Association

The school’s Parents’ Association is active. It is involved in organising a wide variety of extra-curricular activities for the children, which take place immediately after school. These include Swimming and French. The Parents’ Association also supports the work of the school by fund-raising when special needs arise, and by providing social occasions to meet one another.

The Administration of Medicine

The policy of the school is that no teacher is required to administer medicine to a pupil unless they are in agreement to do so and the proper procedures have been put in place. If your child requires medication please contact the principal and she will inform you of the requirements of the Board of Management in this regard.

Applications for places at the School

Application forms are available on request from the Principal, and should be returned to her. Places are allotted by the Board of Management during March or April, and if need be a waiting list is drawn up. Names are not carried forward automatically from the waiting list to the next year. A new application must be made. Completion of an application form is not a guarantee of a place. Siblings of current pupils are not automatically guaranteed a place at the school

Notes to the Teacher

A note must be sent to the teacher in any of the following circumstances:
Absence from school (note on return)
If your child is unwell and you wish him/her to stay in the classroom during break time
If your child has been unable to complete homework

Additional tuition may be available for children who are experiencing difficulty with learning.  If staff feel a child would benefit from additional support, parents are contacted and the matter discussed.  Arrangements are made, with the consent of parents, for the child to attend these extra classes.  Such arrangements are regularly monitored.  If a child no longer needs support, the arrangement ceases.  The arrangement, monitoring and cessation of additional classes is done in consultation with parents, the class teacher, the support teachers and principal.

We do not allow party invitations and thank you cards to be given out in school.

Health and Safety
For health and safety reasons dogs are not allowed in the yard even if they are being carried.

Children are not allowed to climb or sit on the gates, pillars and railings at the front of the school or at the back car park behind St. Brigid’s N.S.