Good News Board

Well done Michael Griffin, for doing the voice over for the new Kitten Soft advertisement. We are so proud of you 🙂

Happy Birthday to Rose
A happy birthday to Jorja who just turned 7
 Congratulations to Robyn who has just become a big sister to her new baby brother ‘Ben’. Great news!
Molly (from 3rd class) and her brother Senan (from Senior infants) created this nature picture using different materials
Sophia-Rose and Chloe with their pet calves, DJ and Francesco. They are keeping busy helping out on the farm…

Well done to Lola who made delicious pancakes for her family at the weekend! (A great way to practice weighing and measuring!)

Lovely to see Lola is helping out with cooking dinner – I hope everyone is lending a hand at home!
Well done Lola.
Cara, Senan and Alex made these beautiful posters to thank all the wonderful HSE staff.
Rían and Isobel and their home made DEAR Time area! What a great idea 🙂
Rían and Isobel on a social distance cycle in Porterstown park.