iPAD Charter

Castleknock National School – Acceptable iPad usage charter

  • My teacher will give me an iPad which is the only iPad I can use.
  • I will use the iPad when my teacher says I may.
  • I will not swap iPads with anyone else.
  • I will use my iPad carefully at my desk.
  • I may only walk carefully with my iPad in both hands when my teacher gives me permission to do so.
  • I will have clean hands when I use my iPad
  • I will keep food and drink away from my iPad.
  • I will not change or delete another person’s files on the iPad.
  • If I see something inappropriate or dangerous on my iPad I will tell my teacher immediately.
  • Before I switch my iPad off I will double click on the home button and swipe away all apps.
  • My teacher will collect my iPad from my desk.
  • I will not download anything onto my iPad.
  • My teacher will plug my iPad into the charging unit.
  • My iPad will be taken away from me if I do not follow these rules.

Where appropriate for older classes                                                                                       √    When I use information from a website in my project work I will acknowledge the website I used.                                                                                                       Signed: _________________________________       Date: _________________