Active Week 2021 (26-30/4/21)

6th Class very very busy this week, not only did Ms. Gray have them out working on different active challenges, 6th class also took part in the ‘Cycle for CNS’.

Ms. Caldbeck’s class had great fun getting active this week.

There has been great excitement about the exercise bikes in our playground this week. We are really enjoying monitoring the progress of our teams. We visit our teams for a few minutes each day to cheer them on! 4th and 5th Class have also been busy participating in dance breaks in the classroom! 

For Active Week, 1st class completed an active scavenger hunt. We searched around the yard to find the hidden exercises and then completed them in our groups. We had to find 16 different exercises! Ms Culbert saw lots of great team work while we did our scavenger hunt.

Ms. Caldbeck’s Class has loved all the fun activities they have taken part in so far this week 🙂