Junior Achievement 2022

Sixth Class

Energize with Liz

6th class had the opportunity to explore the world of science with Liz. . Throughout the Energize programme the children learnt about health and wellbeing, forensics, energy, safety and light in a fun and exciting way. The children really enjoyed the hands on element to this programme. 6th class had some much fun becoming forensic detectives, picking out dangers in the home and learning about all the different types of energy. 6th class really enjoyed their six weeks with Liz 🙂

Power of Design with Carl

6th Class have just completed the Power of Design programme with Carl. Carl was the first face to face visitor we had since before Covid. Carl had a great rapport with the children and they really enjoyed the content the programme offered. This programme made use very aware of all the different types of designs around us. It also gave our marketing team some great tips on how to ensure you create a ‘good design’. It also gave 6th class the opportunity to come up with their own designs and work with their peers.