Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement 3rd Class

3rd class have really enjoyed doing Junior Achievement. They have learned about business zones, advertising and banks. They designed a poster for advertising a restaurant called ‘Veggie Delights’.

Junior Achievement 4th Class

Our class did a Junior Achievement programme. Our volunteer was called Martin Kelly. The programme that we did is called ‘JA it’s my business!‘. We were all put into groups of four and we all thought of an invention that hasn’t been invented yet. Then we picked one person’s idea and made a really big poster with lots of information about our invention. First, we had to choose what everybody’s role was going to be. For example, if someone wanted to be an advertiser, or the manager, the logo designer, market researcher, package designer, or the seller who will sell the item. Next you had to decide the price of your item that you are going is. It can be a lot or it can be a small amount, but it kind of depends on what your item is. You also need to know what your target market. We also learnt a lot about the different inventions. For example, the Collison brothers who invented a company called Stripe. We learnt about a patent, trademark, and intellectual property, and we also learnt about different types of surveys such as multiple choice, multiple-select, open ended, and rating scale. We all had a lot of fun learning lots about social entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. We are all super grateful that we got the chance to do it and we all thank Martin our volunteer for doing our junior achievement with us!      

Junior Achievement 2nd Class

2nd Class had a great time completing their Junior Achievement programme based on ‘Our Community’. They really enjoyed the programme and were delighted to receive their certificates 🙂

4th/5th Class

Innovate and Grow

A few weeks ago, our class participated in a workshop with Junior Achievement Ireland (JAI). It was called ‘Innovate and Grow’. Our facilitator was called Alice and we really liked her. She was really nice. The workshop was mostly about growth and fixed mindsets. The workshop had to be on Zoom due to Covid restrictions. The programme consisted of us talking with Alice, watching videos and completing lots of fun worksheets! I would really like to do a workshop like this in the future. It was very interesting! I rate it 10/10.

By Hugo Chiswick

Sixth Class

From ClassRoom to ClassZoom with Volunteer Larry Monaghan

Whilst COVID has had a serious impact on our schools and students (not forgetting parents and carers either), our partnership with JAI has focused efforts on mitigating its impact and supporting the educational experience of our young people. JAI has developed a series of ‘blended’ programmes allowing volunteers to interact remotely with classrooms across Ireland.

However even this approach faces challenges when classrooms across the nation are closed.  So I volunteered to undertake one of these programmes with a class where all the students were at home. A complete virtual ClassZoom.

My students were 6th Class at Castleknock National School and we connected, via Zoom, for sessions of 40 minutes to discuss ‘The Power of Design’ – one of the JAI programmes.

It was great fun, even if we were missing the dynamics of the normal classroom setting. This is a generation completely at home with technology and more than tolerant of my initial clumsy attempts to create breakout rooms – by lesson 3, I no longer had to rescue breakout room orphans.

Once they got to grips with the subject, it did start to feel more like a class than a grouping of 24 isolated students. It also reinforced the lesson I had learnt previously, never underestimate a child’s capacity to adapt, learn, create and surprise. It did help that this class was already well versed and practiced in game and presentation design.

It was a great experience with a wonderful bunch of children – not forgetting the excellent assistance from 4 members of staff at each lesson.

Most children are now back at school and, as a result, JAI will focus on delivering the blended programmes where the students will be classroom as opposed to ‘whatever room in the house is available’.

I would highly recommend volunteering for JAI, it is an opportunity to support our local communities during this challenging time. Schools and their students are keen to maintain their engagement with the wider social environment and we can help to realise this.