Acceptable Use Policy

Re: Internet Permission Form

As part of the school’s education programme we offer pupils supervised access to the Internet.  This allows the children access to a large array of online educational resources that we believe can greatly enhance their learning experience.

However, access to and use of the Internet requires responsibility on the part of the user and the school.  These responsibilities are outlined in the school’s Acceptable Use Policy (enclosed).  It is important that this enclosed document is read carefully, signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the school.

Although the school takes active steps to promote safe use of the Internet, including the use of a web filtering company and a filtered version of Google, it recognises the possibility that students may accidentally or deliberately access inappropriate or objectionable material.

The school respects each family’s right to decide whether or not to allow their children access to the Internet as defined by the school’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Having read the terms of our school’s Acceptable Use Policy, you may like to take a moment to consider how the Internet is used in your own home, and see if there is any way you could make it safer for your own family.

Yours sincerely

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Sandra Moloney                                                                Damien O’Connell

Principal.                                                                               Class Teacher

Acceptable Use Policy

The aim of this Acceptable Use policy is to ensure that pupils will benefit from learning opportunities offered by the school’s Internet resources in a safe and effective manner.  Internet use and access is considered a school resource and privilege.  Therefore, if the school AUP is not adhered to this privilege will be withdrawn and appropriate sanctions – as outlined in the AUP – will be imposed.

Before signing, the AUP should be read carefully to ensure that the conditions of use are accepted and understood.

This version of the AUP was created on 10/02/08 by Ms Sandra Moloney, Mr Damien O’Connell and the Board of Management.

School’s Strategy

The school employs a number of strategies in order to maximise learning opportunities and reduce risks associated with the Internet.  These strategies are as follows:


  • The Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) is an excellent resource for teaching and learning, opening up a remarkable range of resources.
  • Internet sessions will always be supervised.
  • Filtering Software and/or equivalent systems will be used in order to minimise the risk of exposure to inappropriate material.
  • The school will regularly monitor pupils’ Internet usage.
  • Students and teachers will be provided with training in the area of Internet safety.
  • Uploading and downloading of non-approved software will not be permitted.
  • Virus protection software will be used and updated on a regular basis.
  • The use of personal memory sticks, CD-Roms, or other digital storage media in school requires a teacher’s permission.
  • Students will treat others with respect at all times and will not undertake any actions that may bring the school into disrepute.

World Wide Web

  • Students will not attempt to visit Internet sites that contain obscene, illegal, hateful or otherwise objectionable materials.  The school uses filtering software and a filtered version of Google to help reduce the likelihood of such sites being available to be accessed.
  • Students should report accidental accessing of inappropriate materials in accordance with school procedures.
  • Students will use Internet for educational purposes only.
  • Students will never disclose or publicise personal information.
  • Downloading materials or images not relevant to their studies, is in direct breach of the school’s Acceptable Use Policy.

School Websites

  • Pupils will be given the opportunity to publish projects, artwork or school work on the World Wide Web in accordance with clear policies regarding the content that can be loaded to the school’s website.
  • The website will be regularly checked to ensure that there is no content that compromises the safety of pupils or staff.
  • The publication of student work will be co-ordinated by a teacher.
  • The school will endeavour to use digital photographs focusing on group activities.  Content focusing on individual students will not be published on the school website.
  • Personal pupil information will be omitted from school web pages.
  • The school website will avoid publishing names of individuals in a photograph.
  • The school will ensure that the images files are appropriately named – will not use pupils’ names in images, file names or ALT tags if published on the web.

Personal Devices

Pupils using their own technology in school, such as leaving a mobile phone turned on or using it in class, sending nuisance text messages, or the unauthorised taking of images with a mobile phone camera, still or moving is in direct breach of the school’s Acceptable Use Policy.


Misuse of the Internet may result in disciplinary action, including written warnings, detention, withdrawal of access privileges and possible suspension or expulsion.

Please review the attached school Internet Acceptable Use Policy, sign and return this permission form to your child’s class teacher.

Name of Pupil:                   _____________________________________

Class:            ____________________________________


I agree to follow the school’s Acceptable Use Policy on the use of the Internet.  I will use the Internet in a responsible way and obey all the rules explained to me by the school.

Pupil’s Signature:               _____________________________________


As the parent or legal guardian of the above pupil, I have read the Acceptable Use Policy and grant permission for my son or daughter or the child in my care to access the Internet.  I understand that Internet access is intended for educational purposes.  I also understand that every reasonable precaution has been taken by the school to provide for online safety but the school cannot be held responsible if pupils access unsuitable websites.

I accept the above paragraph                   I do not accept the above paragraph 

(Please tick as appropriate)  

In relation to the school website, I accept that, if the school considers it appropriate, my child’s schoolwork may be chosen for inclusion on the website or my child may appear in a group photo.  I understand and accept the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy.

I accept the above paragraph                   I do not accept the above paragraph 

(Please tick as appropriate)

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