Supervision Policy

Policy on Supervision


This policy applies to all staff and pupils during school hours, break times and on all school related activities.


The rules for National Schools 121(4) and 124(1) obliges teachers to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of pupils and to participate in supervising pupils during school time and during all school related activities.

Relationship to the Characteristic Ethos of the School

This policy is in keeping with the school ethos of providing a safe and secure environment for learning for all pupils and the wider school community.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To develop a framework that effectively ensures, as far as is practicable, the safety of children whilst on the school premises while at play on the playground, making their way to and from class or while engaged in school related activities.
  • To observe and monitor behaviour patterns outside the confines of the classroom
  • To contribute to effective school management and comply with relevant legislation.

School Procedures

  • Teachers assume a duty of care at 8.20 am. It is the policy of the school to supervise the school playground at all times during regular breaks. The Board of Management informs parents that the school does not accept responsibility for pupils until 8.20am.
  • Insurance cover is provided for all pupils, in school and during school related activities.(ie. Any activity taking place with the full knowledge and authority of the school and including direct travel to and from such activities).
  • A Rota for supervision is drawn up in consultation with Principal/staff and this Rota is displayed on the staff room notice board and a copy is given to each staff member at the beginning of each term.
  • Rules of the school playground are reviewed, revised and communicated to children regularly.
  • Supervision duties are compulsory for all staff.
  • Teachers on playground duty wear high visibility jackets. Class teachers should walk with their pupils and ensure that the teacher on duty is present before allowing the pupils in to the playground. At the bell, the pupils walk to their line. Class teachers collect their line from the yard. The teacher on duty remains on duty until the class teacher’s return from break. He/She reports any incidents to the class teacher. Teachers, who know in advance of absence, should arrange to exchange supervision duties with a colleague.  If a teacher is unexpectedly absent the principal arranges alternative supervision.
  • All Special Needs Assistants are on duty during breaks. While these Assistants provide individual supervision for designated Special Needs children, they can act in an observing and reporting capacity, bringing instances of misbehaviour to the attention of the teacher on playground duty.
  • All incidents, misbehaviours, accidents or concerns are recorded by the teachers on duty in the Junior or Senior Yard Book. Pupils are regularly reminded of safe, acceptable yard behavior. Where staff and/or parents express concerns about a pupil’s behavior all yard duty personnel are informed and agreed individually planned procedures are put in place to ensure the safety of all.
  • Accidents/injuries are recorded in the child’s homework journal and/or a note is given to the child to bring home.
  • There are two teachers on duty at each break. One in junior area of yard and the other in the senior area.
  • Children with injuries/complaints are dealt with by a member of staff on duty. If first aid treatment is necessary the children are sent to the first aid area (presently the lobby in the extension, adjacent to the staffroom) and treated by the member of staff on first aid duty. Once an injured child is sent to the First Aid area a member of staff must remain with them for the duration of the break. A log of all pupils tended to is kept in the Accident/Detention Book.
  • If infant children are hurt in the playground, they will be accompanied by an older child or a member of staff to receive first aid, should it be required.
  • There are two diabetic pupils, should they need to have their bloods re-checked during break, the SNA should send them to the First aid area where the teacher on duty will supervise the re-test.
  • Pupils who have a note from parents requesting that they remain in at break should sit in the lobby with a library book where they will be supervised.
  • Pupils who are in detention should also remain under staff supervision to complete their detention sheet. Pupils are not to be kept in at break times to complete work.
  • First Aid supplies are kept in the staffroom.
  • Accident Report forms are kept as a matter of procedure, these are kept on file in the main office.
  • The teacher on yard duty/first aid reports any incidents or injuries to the class teacher.
  • Any serious injury and any bump/knock to the head is immediately notified to parents by phone. Accidents and incidents should also be reported to the insurance company.
  • Head injuries. The teacher on duty must inform the class teacher of any bumps to the head. The class teacher informs the parents at home time. If parents are not collecting the teacher phones the parents and informs the childminder/crèche.
  • Bus duty. Teachers on yard duty are also responsible for lining up children and escorting them through St. Brigid’s to the school buses. Pupils form 2 lines on the football pitch or in GP room if it is wet. Staff walk with pupils quietly through St. Brigid’s playground and around their carpark. They supervise them boarding the buses. Pupils are expected to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner as they pass through St. Brigid’s where classes are still underway.

Procedures when off school Premises

  1. For out of school activities such as football, hockey, athletics, tours etc teachers ensure that adequate levels of supervision are in place. supervision are put in place
  2. If a teacher is called from his/her classroom to meet with a parent, another member of staff may be released to cover. However, it is school policy to request parents to make appointments through the school office and appointments will not be arranged after school hours.
  3. On wet days pupils remain in their classrooms. There is a separate rota for this supervision, it is circulated to all staff. Staff ensure pupils are seated and arrange appropriate activities/a dvd. When visiting teachers/coaches such as G.A.A/Drama/Choir/student teachers take over a class, the class teacher must remain with their class.
  4. Parents may collect their children during the school day due to health commitments/appointments, music exams etc. On collection/return they must complete the Sign Out/Sign In book which is kept in the school office.
  1. All infant children having been taken out of class for appointments etc, must be accompanied back to their classroom by a member of staff when they are returned to school.
  1. If infant children are hurt in the playground they will be accompanied by an older child or a member of staff to receive first aid if required.
  1. If infant children are late for school they will be accompanied by a member of staff to their classroom.
  1. Division of Classes – when the class teacher is absent classes may be divided up amongst the other classrooms. If the teacher knows she will be absent he/she may inform the pupils the previous day and then pupils go directly to their assigned classrooms. If the teacher is unexpectedly absent, a member of the Learning Support staff or the principal will meet the children in their own classroom and supervise their division. A copy of the class split will be furnished to the Principal. Infant classes are not divided.
  1. Children are supervised by their class teacher descending the stairs.
  1. At 1pm Junior and Senior Infants are collected from their classroom door where teacher can ensure they are all collected safely. First class pupils are handed over at their classroom door in a similar manner at 2pm.
  1. Computer Room: pupils using the computer room are always accompanied by a teacher or an SNA under the instruction of a teacher.
  1. Pupils who need to leave the classroom on a message are always accompanied by another pupil.
  1. School Tours – taking into account the age and interest of the children and the curriculum being covered, tours will be arranged at various times to present the pupils with opportunities to further their education in a different environment. Staff will be extra vigilant when taking pupils out of school. Special attention will be paid to Road safety, behavior on the bus/train, risks posed by venue (eg. adventure playgrounds etc).

This policy will be reviewed by the BOM annually. Any member of staff may make amendments or suggestions to this policy via the BOM.

Success Criteria and Review

  • Ensuring a safe child-friendly school playground
  • Providing well organised and safe out of school activities
  • Re-enforcing school rules regularly.
  • Reviewing supervision duties yearly
  • Altering or adjusting procedures deemed to be inoperable


This policy was ratified by the Board of Management in June 2015.

*This policy was drawn up in line with guidelines from the IPPN and Circular 42/2014   from the D.E.S.