Short Story Competition

Second Chance by Mimi Leatham

An Axe by Aditi Kadam

Forest Trap By A.K Joshika

The Aftermath by Conor Laidler

Ben’s Big Holiday by Charlotte Cooper

Super Snail by Robyn Connolly

The Birthday Murder by Irina Andreeva

The 12 Animals by Niu Niu Kong

Supercoot by Eleni Limond

The Seire by Odhran Biddlecombe

Shadow Knights and the Scarf of Winds by Lucas Kilbride

The Heroes by Juliet Gargan

Haunted by Alannah White

Lighthouse Larry by Oisín White

Race against the Clock by Kate Abayawickrema

Lost in the Jungle by Lily Byrne

The Witch’s Cat by Lily McDonagh

The Suck In by Robert O’Donoghue

The Discovery by Eleanor Lacey

The Day of the Dogs by Rhys Byrne

A boy who loved sport by Zach Simpson

The Secret Hideout by Emma McGann

Life of a potato by Nicholas Maag

The Dream by Lily-Grace Hegarty – Cornish

The Lonely Girl Who Makes a World by Isabel Booth

The House Across the Street by Josephine Cavanagh Curren

The Sad Tortoise by Thomas McDonagh

Evie’s Discovery by Dirinn Biddlecombe

The Story of Bub by Holly Mae Leatham

Pokemon Battle by Alvah Alfa

Friendships by Lily Hayden